Living the Legacy


The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom

Unit 2 , Lesson 7

Jewish Women's Archive - Living the Legacy

The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom

Teacher resources: 

1963 March on Washington series, The Forum Network. Extensive live audio clips of the March on Washington broadcast by WGBH radio. Includes audio of Bayard Rustin listing the demands of the March.

March on Washington section of the Civil Rights Movement Veterans website: Includes scans of original documents such as instructions to groups attending, maps, and lists of demands, as well as personal reflections (see transcript of interview with Bruce Hartford, who talks about being Jewish earlier in the interview). Background information on the March can be found at:

March on Washington information from CORE:

"Behind the March on Washington," National Public Radio:

Life Magazine, Civil Rights photographs from 1963 (including color images):

Website about Rabbi Joachim Prinz:

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