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This Week in History

This Week in History

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This Week: June 27 - July 3

"Something Rotten in America"

June 27, 1931

Labor economist Theresa Wolfson was the principal speaker at the opening of the Barnard College Summer School for Women Workers in Industry.

Suspicious of forced tonsillectomies, Jewish mothers riot

June 27, 1906

On June 27, 1906, Jewish mothers on New York City’s Lower East Side rioted against tonsillectomies they suspected were being performed on their children.

Molly Picon

Award for Yiddish actress, Molly Picon

June 28, 1980

Yiddish superstar comedienne Molly Picon received the Creative Achievement Award of the Performing Arts Unit of B'nai B'rith.

"Inheritance" 2006

Two women’s lives collide in the film “Inheritance”

June 29, 2006

"In these women's tears and twisted smiles ... are the living wounds of history."

Judith Rosenbaum on NOW Thumbnail

Meetings held to plan National Organization for Women

June 30, 1966

The foundation for the National Organization for Women was laid at a meeting in Betty Friedan's hotel room in Washington, DC.

"The Guiding Light"

Irna Phillips produces "The Guiding Light" on TV

June 30, 1952

"Guiding Light," created by Irna Phillips, debuted on television. It aired from 1952 to 2009, making it the longest-running daily television program.

Reform rabbis debate women's ordination

June 30, 1922

The Central Conference of American Rabbis resolved that "women cannot justly be denied the privilege of [rabbinical] ordination." The first American woman would not be ordained until 1972.

Anne Lapidus Lerner

Anne Lapidus Lerner named Vice Chancellor of JTS

July 1, 1993

Anne Lapidus Lerner was named Vice Chancellor for public affairs at the Jewish Theological Seminary, becoming the first woman to hold a Vice Chancellor post at the Seminary.

Martha Minow, 2010

Martha Minow appointed Dean of Harvard Law School

July 1, 2009

Martha Minow was appointed Dean of Harvard Law School, becoming the second Jewish woman to hold the position.

Barbara Dobkin and Eve Landau at Ma'yan's First Feminist Seder, March 1994

Founding of Ma’yan, Home for Young Women’s Resources

July 1, 1993

Founding of Ma’yan, Home for Young Women’s Resources

"Life on the Fringes" by Haviva Ner-David

"Life on the Fringes" explores Orthodox feminism

July 1, 2000

Haviva Ner-David's book "Life on the Fringes," about her commitment to an evolving feminist Orthodoxy and her quest for rabbinic ordination, was published.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) begins work

July 2, 1965

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) begins its work for women's equality.

Etta King Discusses Adrienne Rich Thumbnail

Adrienne Rich rejects National Medal for the Arts

July 3, 1997
Poet Adrienne Rich made headlines by refusing to accept the National Medal for the Arts.

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