We Remember


We Remember

  • Ruth Emmerman Peizer
    Ruth Emmerman Peizer,1923 – 2013
    Yiddish authority, social justice advocate
    "I think Yiddish should be a living language, and we should certainly try to perpetuate something that has been so beautiful and has been around for a thousand years. "
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  • J Wilkenfeld headshot
    Judy Wilkenfeld,1943 – 2007
    Attorney and Advocate for Tobacco Control
    "Judy Wilkenfeld brought people together, made everyone with whom she came into contact better, and became a close and trusted friend, confidante, mentor, and role model to so many people with whom she worked. "
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  • C-A Lopez headshot
    Claude-Anne Kirschen Lopez,1920 – 2012
    Benjamin Franklin Editor and Biographer
    "I have decided it doesn’t do anybody concerned any harm for a woman to take on a worthwhile project. "
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  • G Dubrovsky headshot
    Gertrude Wishnick Dubrovsky,1926 – 2012
    Writer, Historian, and Independent Scholar
    "To the credit of the nuns, my Jewish search was encouraged, my questions were never cut short, and a patient effort was made consistently to answer me."
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  • Elissa Froman headshot
    Elissa Froman,1983 – 2013
    Social Justice Activist
    "She didn’t want to be known as the girl with cancer. She wanted to be known as a social justice activist, as someone working to repair the world."
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