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18th Anniversary Celebration
Celebrate JWA’s 18th Anniversary and Honor Founding Executive Director Gail Twersky Reimer and other Jewish troublemakers. Be a sponsor, reserve a seat, pay tribute, or make a donation.
The Natalia Twersky Educator Award
Do YOU know the next Award winner? It could be YOU or a creative educator you know. We're honoring teachers who integrate the stories and voices of Jewish women into their curricula. Read more and apply by May 12, 2014.
Rising Voices Fellows
Presenting the inaugural class of Rising Voices Fellows. The inspirational female-identified teens will blog for JWA while learning leadership skills and exploring their feminism and Judaism.

Discover, explore, and share the rich history of Jewish women

Marissa Harrington-Verb with Addy

Freedom Stories

This month our Rising Voices Fellows explore their relationships to Passover traditions. Be sure to check the JWA blog each...

This Week in History
Telephone switchboard operators at work

April 20, 1919

Rose Finkelstein leads successful strike

Rose Finkelstein leads 8,000 women in successful six-day strike against New England Telephone and Telegraph Company.

On the Map
On the Map

Greeley Colorado, birthplace of Miriam Gideon

Greeley, CO

Born in Greeley, Colorado, on October 23, 1906, composer Miriam Gideon was the first woman invited to compose a Jewish "...

We Remember
J Wilkenfeld headshot

Judy Wilkenfeld

Attorney and Advocate for Tobacco Control

Judy Wilkenfeld brought people together, made everyone with whom she came into contact better, and became a close and trusted friend, confidante,...

Film U.S. 3 - still image [media]

Elaine May

20th Century CE

Elaine May, half of one of the most successful American comic teams of the 1950s and 1960s, became one of Hollywood's first important female...