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Events of May 17, 1902-Forward

Forward, May 18, 1902, as translated by Paula Hyman

On the Sabbath women went from shul to shul to agitate. Most were greeted in a friendly way….In her speech in the shuls, Mrs. Silver urged the men for once to use their power of “and he shall rule over her” to the good—by seeing to it that their wives not buy meat…In one shul where Mrs. Silver and Kisseloff spoke, a man cried out that it was a chutzpah and a desecration of God’s name (chillul hashem) to speak thus from the bimah. Mrs. Silver replied that the Torah would pardon her….Then a congregant called out, comparing Mrs. Silver to the prophet Zachariah, who preached the truth and whose blood demanded vengeance.

The Jewish Daily Forward, May 18, 1902. Translation by Paula Hyman.

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Date / time: 
May 17, 1902
Hyman, Paula
The Forward
The Forward
Date published: 
May 18, 1902

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