Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Shelley Morhaim
Filmmaker and Environmental Activist

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What Else She Said

Earthome was founded in 1995... We see the whole issue of sustainability as the major challenge to face us, certainly in the next half century or century and we wanted to promote those ideas by action as well as education and research particularly in our own region - the Chesapeake bio-region and the Baltimore metro region...I was a founding member [of Earthome].

One of its greatest achievements was that it founded the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) project at Cromwell Valley Park in Baltimore County which is a way to support small farmers by member share holders buying shares at the beginning of the growing season. So they put their money up front and they shared the risk with the farmer. So if it's a difficult drought ridden season, the farmer is not wiped out, so it's literally supported by the community.

Every week during the growing season, members go to the farm and pick up their share of the harvest for that week, which is picked that morning and it's all fresh and organic and locally grown and tastes a lot different than the stuff at the market! The CSA that we started was one of the first on public land, we think [the first] in the whole country and it was one of the first in MD.

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