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Jean Trounstine
Educator of Women Offenders

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What Else She Said

I chanced into work that became meaningful to me. Someone offered me a job teaching in prison and from the first moment, after the initial search, I was shocked, transfixed, and unable to stop thinking about the women in prison. But I literally stumbled into work that took hold. Once you find your passion, then you must go towards it.

To be an activist means taking risks but also knowing what risks you can and can't take in order to keep going. If I hadn't followed prison rules, I wouldn't have lasted ten years. On the other hand, my goal grew and changed the longer I worked at Framingham. I felt that I needed to speak out about the women, about imprisonment, about the power of the arts to change lives. I had to do the work first; I had to gather stories, think, talk and write but that came later. Activism involves periods of reflection.

For those who want to get started, my suggestion is to remember that touching one person's life is worth it.

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