Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Idit Klein
Activist on behalf of the GLBT Community

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What Else She Said

Two years ago I was flown to Israel by them to participate in this — a panel with a couple of other people. That hadn't happened before — talking about inclusion of GLBT people in Jewish life. That hadn't been apart of the agenda of the establishment of the Jewish community. So I see that as a major change that's happening in the world.

Similarly, a former intern who was a Jewish Organizing Initiative Fellow at Keshet for a year, who is from Argentina returned to Argentina after interning for me for a year and sought funding to establish a similar kind of organization in Buenos Aires. Six months ago [he] got a $10,000 dollar grant and established what he called a Keshet Buenos Aires. So his work is starting to have regional impact throughout Jewish communities in Latin America.

So I see this issue as more and more on the radar screen, in the consciousness of mainstream Jewish communities throughout the world. I like to think that as a result we as a people throughout the world we will think about inclusion and what it means to create a truly just community in ever more broader terms. So that we talk about issues of race and ethnicity and class and things that are far less discussed in the Jewish community than GLBT issues. That is my far-reaching vision and hope of what kind of affect this work can have.

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