Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Judy Somberg
Human Rights Activist, El Salvador

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What Else She Said

[When we were detained by the Salvadoran government military] we had a very interesting conversation with this totally scary and nutty colonel. At that point, our project was already sending down -- whenever we got word of disappearances, detentions, we would send down letters, hundred of letters. We would fax them, we would get the numbers of these military headquarters. And so this guy said, 'How do these people know who I am? Why have I gotten hundreds of faxes about these people in Las Flores who have been detained? How can this be?'

It was the first time that I saw that what we were doing was effective, that he saw somehow that people were watching what was going on there... I have no doubt that in terms of the protection that we gave to the people in Las Flores, it was very important, all the work we did. And they believed that, too, the Salvadorans. And it was public pressure that ended the war in El Salvador...But there has not been immense social change in the country. There's been some, but still. There are new challenges...So it's kind of a constant struggle. You have to see it as a lifelong commitment.

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