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Florence Schornstein
Community Building through Volunteerism

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What Else She Said

Women no longer have the career that I've had. They may come to a time in life when they get involved, but they do not have that life experience that I have had. Because, thanks to people like me, the world has opened up to them! I was very involved in the women's movement at the time that it began, and we certainly made strides. Women are still earning less hourly than men are, there's still a lot of room for improvement, but by the time my children grew up, they could be anything they wanted to be! They weren't going to get married and stay home, and they weren't going to have domestic help like women of my generation in the South were able to have. They were going to go out and work."

"The primary domestic help that I had when my children were growing up was a woman who actually lived with us. She would make their breakfast in the morning; she would make their school lunches. She lived with us—she would have maybe two days a week off, but we would leave her in charge. When we went to Israel in 1970, she was in charge. Her name was Marie Becnel. She was a very important member of our household. She came to me when she was eighteen. But I've always had help. I didn't always have full-time help, but always had some help, even if it was just two or three days a week. And those would be the days that I could get out and do my thing.

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