Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Rebecca Young
Prisoners' Rights Lawyer

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What Else She Said

And I remember as a kid certainly absolutely thinking of myself as a feminist and feeling that the women's movement was really important to me and looking at people like Bella Abzug as my heroes. So I think that there were some people like her, famous people, who I perceived in a certain way to be role models.

And then I think in a much more sustaining way, even now, many years after she died, I think I always saw my mother as a role model. Despite our financial situation and all kinds of other things, I really saw her as someone who was very strong and who spoke her mind and stood up for what she believed in and managed to maintain her dignity with those welfare workers who wanted to treat her like sh-t.

And I think that was great for me. I think it really showed me that whatever other people do, if you know who you are and you know what you believe in, that's really all you need. That, and the willingness to stand up and say what's right.

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