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Marillyn Tallman
Settling Jews from DP camps post WW-II; protecting Jewish

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What Else She Said

I mean Pam, [Cohen] Pam to me is a role model. She just is. She has this giant family. She's compassionate. She's religious. She's, what do you call her, a Zionist. She is a role model for me. I've learned a lot from Pam. I was her teacher, but it's just the truth. I've learned a lot from Pam about Jewish life, about sticking to your goal, about Israel.

I learn a lot from Teddy [Marillyn's husband]. Patience, not panicking, family, tremendous caring for me and for his family... not that he's not generous and doesn't contribute. My world has been out there. His world is here. His world is here, the boys, the girls, me, first. He was on the Board of Options the first week. It's like the stock market with everybody yelling and screaming. I spoke to a couple of the young men and they said, "Mrs. Tallman, the only gentleman on that floor is your husband, Mr. Tallman." [It's about] learning important from not important, [learning] priorities.

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