Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Miriam Waltzer
Protector of civil rights of minorities, juveniles, and women

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What Else She Said

My mother was a very, very sweet person and a great believer. Not Jewish. I like to call her a saint, and I really believe so.

I remember as a child, there were members of the family from her branch, as well as my father's branch who didn't have a whole lot of money. And my mother would hear about it that they were really in a jam. And she would put money in an envelope and tell me to go put it under their door—and there would be no name on it. And we had neighbors that didn't have much to eat, and so this is the way it went: she would send me over with this big pot of soup, and she would say, "Tell Mrs. So and So that we have all this soup left, and it would really be a pleasure if she would help us, because she wouldn't want to throw it away." She never wanted to shame people.

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