Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Mollie Wallick
Advocate for Gay & Lesbian Rights

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What Else She Said

The Orthodox congregation that I belonged to became Conservative. I was very, very happy when they became Conservative because by then I was active with gays, and I felt the ambiance for gays was much more comfortable. Therefore, it was much more comfortable for me, as well. I've recently also joined a Reform conversation with a chavora or study group for gays, and my interest in it is that they support things that I'm interested in, openness and support of differences—that is very appealing to me. In the Orthodox congregation, gays and lesbians are accepted if they don't tell anyone about their gayness, and if they don't act on their gayness. To me, that's unacceptable. The Conservative organization that we belong to is accepting, but not as accepting as I would like them to be. The three Reform congregations here accept gay couples as a family, and I like that. I've seen their children being named in the Reform congregation and warmly accepted by the Rabbi, and I was very touched by that.

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