Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Ruth Rothstein
Public Health Leader

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What Else She Said

I think it was my father, my upbringing, where I came from, what I did, what was important to me, what was my value system. I could have gone to work in industry. Before I went to Mt. Sinai Hospital, I was offered a fairly good job with an oil company, to be their business manager. I would never do that, I didnít care about oil, I cared about the welfare of people, about social values, that's where I came from and thatís what I believed in... I think [my Jewish background] was a piece of it. Also my father's socialist values, but that was also Jewish, since many Jews were socialist at that point, they came out of the garment workers factories, the shoe workers factories, I think its a big piece of it."

"I think being a Jewish woman in the political milieu was very important to get this good work done. I was at one time the highest leading Jewish woman in [Illinois] politics. Now there is [Congresswoman] Jan Schakowsky, a dynamite lady, and others. I have never made a speech of any consequence where I haven't told everybody that I was Jewish. Ever. I wanted people to know that we had a value system, that women were able to do this within our community, and that we make important contributions, and I wanted everybody to know that.

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