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  Anne Jackson
  Civil Rights Activist
  Boston WWD Event 2000
  Born in 1909
  Involved in civil rights activism, including attending the March on Washington in 1963, and in Holocaust education
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Anne Jackson was born in 1909 in Chelsea, Massachusetts, to a family of Russian immigrants. Of her four siblings, she was the only one born in the US. Her father focused on his religious life, while her mother was a non-religious woman with abundant energy, which she applied to acts of charity. Jackson did not receive a Jewish education -- a fact about which she is quite resentful. She pursued a secular education with great appetite, attending Hyannis Teacher's College and taking many courses at Harvard and at Columbia University. At Harvard, Jackson was mentored by James Michener, who invited her to work in a Harvard summer workshop and library. Jackson taught elementary school in Chelsea for many years, introducing innovative educational programs.

In addition to her work as a teacher, Jackson has always immersed herself in local politics and community activism for causes such as civil rights and Holocaust education. Some of her activities have included attending the March on Washington in 1963, serving on the Brookline Town Meeting, and current involvement with Facing History and Ourselves. Jackson was motivated to activism by a desire to experience everything around her and to have her voice heard.

Jackson married and bore three sons, all of whom are "doers" like herself. Jackson feels that her sons have a strong sense of Jewish values that they have passed on to her grandchildren. Her children and grandchildren have also inherited the energetic approach to life that was her own mother's legacy.

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My mother was very active. She was the kind of person that spoke a broken English... but she had a certain fire. ...More 
My son, Ira, and his wife, Martha, are strongly affiliated with Facing History and Ourselves [a Holocaust education program]. ...More 
I said, 'Children, I have to go, this is very important in my life.' ...More 
The greatest challenge was bringing up my children, really, and giving them a value system ...More 
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