Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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  Women Who Dared celebrates the brave actions and bold life choices of the everyday Jewish female heroes in our midst.

This exhibit turns to the words of the Women Who Dared to address their experiences as Jews, as women, and as activists.

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About "Women Who Dared"

Spotlight on contemporary Jewish women activists such as:

  • Vicki Gabriner (Boston), civil rights and antiwar activist
  • Ruth Rothstein (Chicago), public health proponent and chief of the third largest public health system in the United States
  • Hanna Weinberg (Baltimore), pioneer and advocate for victims of domestic violence in the Jewish community
  • Shulamit Izen (Boston), founder of the gay/straight alliance at New Jewish High School of Greater Boston and Ga'avah, a Queer Jewish youth group

Women Who Dared celebrates the brave actions and bold life choices of the everyday Jewish female heros in our midst. Contemporary women who have dared to stand up for the rights of others-sometimes at their own peril-are chosen each year and honored by their community at annual events, sponsored in such cities as Boston, Baltimore, and Chicago. Their personal stories and inspirational accounts of social and political activism are collected and presented in an expanding JWA web exhibit.

These unheralded women of different ages, in diverse fields, and from varied parts of the country, remind us of the extraordinary things that "ordinary" women can do. Each has taken risks on behalf of issues ranging from civil rights to Soviet Jewry, from women's empowerment to domestic violence. Describing their personal involvement, they teach us that no one is ordinary and that everyone is capable of making a difference.

JWA's Women Who Dared program provides exemplary role models for the next generation. A community effort, it pays tribute to unsung Jewish women activists-young, middle-aged, and senior-recognizing the transformational possibilities for every woman who is willing to champion a daring cause.

Head Writers for initial exhibit:

Judith Rosenbaum
Biographies and quotations for Ruth Abrams, Lynn Amowitz, Renee Brant, Peggy Charren, Merle Feld, Vicki Gabriner, Barbara Gaffin, Roz Garber, Betsy Shure Gross, Judi Hirshfield-Bartek, Shulamit Izen, Anne Jackson, Hannah Jukovsky, Margaret Lazarus, Sally Mack, Susan Maze-Rothstein, Galina Nizhnikov Veremkroit, Marilyn Paul, Freyda Sanders, Denise Schorr, Rivka Solomon, Judy Somberg, Jean Trounstine, Gertrude Webb, Judy Wright, Janet Yassen, Rebecca Young

Chana R. Kotzin, Researcher
Biographies and quotations for Elana Brownstein, Shelley Morhaim, Marla Oros, Hanna Weinberg, Rebecca Yenawine, Laurie Schwab Zabin

David K. Johnson, Researcher
Biographies and quotations for Ruth Rothstein and the founders of SHALVA