Tera “Nova Jade* Greene

Tera “Nova Jade* Greene is an award-winning DJ and Entrepreneur. A published writer and poet, she has been a contributing blogger to the Jewish Journal’s historic LGBTQ blog, “Oy Gay”, since its inception in 2010. Tera has also been a contributing writer for anthologies, including the well-received anthology, “Living Jewishly: A Snapshot of a Generation” (Academic Press, Spertus University). Ms. Greene can be found online: http://www.facebook.com/djnjpro, http://dj.beatport.com/djnovajade, and http://www.roicommunity.org/users/tera-nova-jade-greene. Her email is djnovajade.booking@gmail.com. She loves travel, living vegetarian, and laughing.

Blog posts

  • As a Queer, Jewish, Woman of Color, the ironic thing is that my labels – diverse and full of Otherness as they are – have not been my biggest life-barriers thus far.  My SELF has.  When I decided to forgive everyone, myself and all past experience, my old self moved aside, and the new, better version of my Self emgerged:

    Shiny. Perfect (with a lil’ bit of the roughness on the edges for effect). Whole.

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