Emily Axelrod

2018-2019 Rising Voices Fellow Emily Axelrod

Emily Axelrod is a recent graduate of Georgetown Day School in Washington, DC and will soon be attending Williams College. When not discussing politics, she can be found running, climbing, rowing, or registering voters. In addition to leading a volunteer group through her school at an assisted living home, Emily is also a member of her school's Model UN club, math team, and non-male affinity group. Emily is also her temple youth group's Social Action VP. She enjoys playing with her puppy, watching the West Wing, and talking about Camp Chimney Corners, where she's found many of her female role models.

Blog Posts

Emily Axelrod’s homemade cheese bourekas

Reclaiming the Kitchen as a Jewish, Feminist Space

Emily Axelrod

Two of JWA's Rising Voices alumnae reclaim the kitchen through cooking traditional Jewish dishes.

porcupine quills


Emily Axelrod

I couldn’t understand why it was this incident that spurred me to tears—why it was the struggle of a dog rather than the countless struggles of humans that had made me cry.

Gay-Straight Alliance bulletin board

An Education in Allyship

Emily Axelrod

As word spread about what we were trying to do, a number of students told us they were in support of a GSA and would definitely participate if we succeeded in creating it.

Bella Abzug Speaking with Constituents, 1976, by Diana Mara Henry

Hurricane Bella: A Whirlwind of Intersectional Feminism

Emily Axelrod

Abzug is an exemplar of what it means to be an intersectional feminist. She used her power and privilege to advocate for those she described as “on the outside of power.” Being a Jew herself, she was familiar with identity-based oppression, and because of that she knew she had to use her power to help fight for others.

Emily Axelrod at L'Taken

Stirred and Spurred to Action

Emily Axelrod

Judaism never seemed to offer anything that stoked my social justice fire. I didn’t hear many calls to action in services; partly because I wasn’t looking, and partly because services felt mundane to me.


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