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  • Courtesy of Dan Gillan
  • Courtesy of Karen Smul
  • Photo by Jordyn Rozensky Photography

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#MeToo Typewriter

Archiving #MeToo

Add your #MeToo story to JWA’s new archival collection to ensure that the breadth of Jewish women’s voices and experiences is captured and preserved during this watershed moment.

This Week in History

Belle Moskowitz
May 26, 1910
Belle Moskowitz, who became the most important female political activist of her day, passed a bill through the New York State Assembly requiring...

Jewish Women, Amplified

May 16, 2018
by Lisa Yelsey

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10 hr
So fascinating to learn more about this beloved figure, so many decades later.
11 hr
Have you heard about the unassuming Jewish millionaire who left a $6.24 million gift to ? Now, read all…


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