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  • Photo by Jordyn Rozensky Photography
  • Gloria Steinem

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Podcast: A New Era for the ERA

Surveys show that around 90 percent of Americans support an Equal Rights Amendment—and yet, still, the Constitution does not explicitly guarantee equal rights for women. On this month's episode, we explore the history of this amendment, from its roots as a feminist cause in the 1920s, to the failed attempts to pass the amendment in the 1970s, to the renewed efforts to revive the ERA today.

This Week in History

Judy Holliday with William Holden and Broderick Crawford, 1950
March 29, 1951
Actress and comedian Judy Holliday received an Academy Award for her performance in "Born Yesterday."

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2 hr
The ONLY way for ladies to learn about science, naturally.
3 hr
This article about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire... prepare to get sad and mad.
4 hr
How the word "camp" is often used to diminish women's stories and accomplishments.


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