JWA in the News

JWA Celebrates Five Years of the Rising Voices Fellowship
eJewishPhilanthropy, June 15, 2018
“The continued high level of interest in this program tells us that young Jewish women are hungry for opportunities to hone their opinions, to make change in the world, and to engage deeply with other young women who share their passions.”

Addressing #MeToo with Teens
eJewishPhilanthropy, February 25, 2018
“Although it’s not our primary role as educators to provide counseling for teens who may be struggling with their own #MeToo experiences, we can play a part in helping them navigate this complex and multi-faceted conversation, and in a Jewish context.”

JWA and Partners Celebrate Jewish Women of Color
The Times of Israel, February 20, 2018
“In an innovative Purim-inspired campaign, three organizations—Repair the World, Jewish Women’s Archive and the Jewish Multiracial Network—are banding together to raise awareness about Jewish women of color, and their unique contributions to the Jewish communal narrative.”

#ShareHerStory to Spotlight Jewish Women of Color, Mizrahi, and Sephardi Women
eJewishPhilanthropy, February 13, 2018
“This Purim, we will celebrate the holiday by sharing the compelling and inspiring stories of Jewish Women of Color, Mizrahi, and Sephardi women who have made – and are making – their mark on history,” says Judith Rosenbaum.

JWA Announces Archiving Project for #MeToo
eJewish Philanthropy, January 21, 2018
Judith Rosenbaum writes about the necessity to preserve Jewish women’s voices during the #MeToo moment: “Women’s voices will not be erased when it comes time to write the history of this moment. I say this with confidence because the Jewish Women’s Archive is beginning an archival collection of #MeToo accounts to ensure that the stories that have created a social media tsunami do not recede but are preserved for posterity.”

JWA Blog Named One of Top Five Jewish Women’s Publications
The Times of Israel, December 7, 2017
“Whether covering an interview with Jewish feminist poet Marge Piercy or offering a recipe for Rosh Hashanah Spaghetti Squash or sharing a story about a bicultural Jew giving thanks on Sukkot, the [JWA] blog is a space for women to start conversations and inspire each other to think deeply and act with bravery.”

Jewish Women’s Archive Announces New Collection, We Celebrate
eJewish Philanthropy, November 8, 2017
JWA Executive Director Judith Rosenbaum writes about JWA’s new feature and the importance of honoring a woman’s legacy while she’s still alive. “JWA has always taken a democratic approach to history, telling the stories of both prominent, recognized leaders and unknown “everyday” women; We Celebrate provides yet another channel for a grass-roots gathering of Jewish women’s history.”

JWA’s new program, Story Aperture, captures the stories of everyday women
Jewish Boston, July 24, 2017
“To address the ongoing omissions in Jewish women’s history, Rosenbaum and her staff have created a new program called Story Aperture. Supported by a grant from The Covenant Foundation, Story Aperture intends to build on JWA’s work in oral history to capture and record personal stories shared through short conversations.”

Doing Better at Intersectionality
Huffington Post, June 28, 2017
Judith Rosenbaum writes about intersectionality: “As a historian, I am keenly aware that social movements have often come undone over the attempt to enforce rigid ideological alignments. Movements such as socialism and feminism have fractured again and again over ever-narrower definitions of the true cause of oppression. Similarly, the ‘my oppression is greater than your oppression’ game doesn’t benefit anyone or anything but the status quo.”

Jewish Women’s Archive Cited in Time magazine
Time, March 7, 2017
Article on “A Day Without Women” cites information about the Uprising of the 20,000 and Clara Leimlich from jwa.org.

Jewish Women’s Archive Awarded Signature Grant by the Covenant Foundation
eJewish Philanthropy, January 4, 2017
“If you’re wondering where the Foundation is headed over the next 25 years, look no further than the unique and ambitious projects being funded this year. These grantees are our promise to the future of Jewish education.”

JWA Convenes Pioneering Women Rabbis for Event and Online Collection
Times of Israel, December 8, 2016
Feature piece on JWA’s event in New York with four pioneering women rabbis, discussing women’s leadership in the rabbinate and the challenges they have faced. “‘The time for increased female leadership has never been more critical,’ said Dr. Judith Rosenbaum, executive director of the Jewish Women’s Archive. ... The event complemented the Jewish Women’s Archive’s newly-launched Women Rabbis collection, which uses video interviews with women from around the world to tell how women changed the rabbinate.”

Jewish Women’s Archive: Telling Stories to Nurture Budding Feminists & Honor Past Leaders in Gender Issues
DatingAdvice.com, December 28, 2016
Write-up of JWA and the conversations convened through JWA’s blog and its programming. “Building on academic roots, JWA endeavors to make history accessible and fun through the podcast Can We Talk and the Jewish Women, Amplified blog. Both of these online resources give modern-day feminists a place to share and grow through storytelling.”

Female Rabbis Feted by Women’s Archive
The Jewish Advocate, November 4, 2016
Write-up of JWA-sponsored event on October 29, 2016 that convened four rabbis for a discussion of women in the rabbinate and was moderated by JWA Executive Director Judith Rosenbaum.

Living Our Values on Election Day
eJewish Philanthropy, November 2, 2016
Op-ed piece by Judith Rosenbaum, Rabbi Jill Jacobs, and Rabbi Joy Levitt about allowing their staffs community service days to participate in Get-Out-the-Vote and voter protection work before the national election. “In doing so, we are living out our mission, as organizations rooted both in Jewish and in American values.”

Judith Rosenbaum Writes About Women’s Leadership
The Forward, September 22, 2016
“What if we allowed the chinks in our leadership armor to show? And what if the media enabled honest conversation about leadership that didn’t threaten to undermine women’s authority? Though we might risk losing credibility if we articulated the two-steps-forward-one-step-back nature of learning how to lead, I believe we gain something equally powerful: authenticity.”

Judith Rosenbaum Writes About Being at the Democratic National Convention
The Forward, July 28, 2016
“But what really inspired and energized me last night was not the act of witnessing, nor the thrill of being ‘in the room where it happens,” but the vision of history as a collective, active responsibility that was put forth over and over throughout the program.”

JWA and Judith Rosenbaum Cited in Retrospective of Jacqueline Susann and Valley of the Dolls
Tablet Magazine, July 8, 2016
Marjorie Ingall consults jwa.org and interviews Executive Director Judith Rosenbaum about Jacqueline Susann and her classic novel, Valley of the Dolls, on the occasion of the book’s 50th-anniversary re-release.

JWA Launches New Exhibit About Women Rabbis
eJewish Philanthropy, June 1, 2016
“The first collection of its kind, Women Rabbis captures one of the most significant stories in modern Judaism—that of the women pioneers who entered and have transformed the rabbinate over the past four decades—through video interviews with women rabbis from around the world. The collection is the result of a partnership between JWA and SAWR, a Los Angeles-based organization that has conducted the interviews over the past seven years.”

Judith Rosenbaum writes about the importance of “A More Inclusive History”
eJewish Philanthropy, May 4, 2016
“It is especially important that the modern stories we incorporate into Jewish education contain the voices and experiences of women, because those voices are left out of the religious texts that still comprise a great deal of Jewish curricula and are almost entirely male in perspective.”

JWA’s Power Couples exhibit featured
San Diego Jewish Journal, December 29, 2015
“New in [the Jewish Women’s Archive’s] online collection is Power Couples, a smart showcase of contemporary Jewish women, paired up with an historic but equally trailblazing counterpart from a different era. The brief biographical essays offer a side-by-side (but uncompetitive) comparison of each woman’s accomplishments. The list makes it clear that we’re all standing on the shoulders of giants, and with 32 women on the list, you’re bound to learn about someone you’ve never heard of.”

The Power of Jewish Women Social Entrepreneurs
eJewish Philanthropy, November 6, 2015
Judith Rosenbaum and Joy Sisisky announce a new collection of women social entrepreneurs on jwa.org. “These women are change-makers who are bringing a gender lens to the greatest issues of our time – from poverty to the environment – and spurring the world, including the international body of the United Nations, to solve them. Furthermore, while their backgrounds vary wildly by affiliation, age and geography, they are all inspired by their Jewish values.”

Judith, Alternate Action Hero
Hadassah Magazine, October/November 2015
Judith Rosenbaum reflects on the real hero of the Hanukkah story: “When I am seeking alternative insights into Jewish tradition, I often turn to the inspirational stories of women—and Hanukka offers a juicy one.”

Leadership Lessons for the New Year
eJewish Philanthropy, September 6, 2015
Judith Rosenbaum reflects on what she’s learned from her first year as executive director of JWA: “As I look back over the past year and devise my plan for the new one, I am inspired by the call for teshuvah, tefillah, and tzedakah. In the context of leadership, I’ve adapted these three elements to mean reflection, a leap of faith, and generosity–key traits I am committing to bring into my workplace culture in 5776.”

JWA Teams with ConverJent to Launch “Jewish Time Jump”
Sight Line, the Journal of the Covenant Foundation, February 14, 2015
“At JWA, history is an essential part of any contemporary Jewish communal story, and whenever JWA sees an opportunity to make connections and find partners willing to weave the historical piece into what they’re doing, the endeavor becomes a fruitful opportunity for everyone involved. “We’re all working towards the same goals and visions for the Jewish community,’ [Judith Rosenbaum] says. “A partnership like this is mutually supportive, and strengthens all of our work.”

Looking for My Gloria Steinem or Bella Abzug
The Jewish Daily Forward, January 23, 2015
The Jewish Women’s Archive has a new online exhibit called “Power Couples” in which it has paired notable women from the past with outstanding women from today who work in the same field. There’s Nora Ephron and Lena Dunham, Dr. Ruth Westheimer and Jaclyn Friedman, and Hedy Lamarr and Mayim Bialik. Through doing so, JWA offers young women not just a chance to see what is possible, but also the opportunity to see individual achievements as part of a larger story, and one in which they could take part.”

Reflecting Brookline’s Jewish Culture
Massrealty.com, January 2015
“Another Jewish organization making waves in the Greater Boston community (and all across the States) is the Jewish Women's Archive, a national non-profit devoted to making known the stories, struggles, and achievements of Jewish women in North America and beyond.”

Nora Ephron + Lena Dunham = Love
Jewniverse, December 9, 2014
“The Jewish Women’s Archive Power Couples series matches members of the older generation with their successors in the new. Comedy writer-directors Nora Ephron (z”l) and Lena Dunham. Scientist/screen stars Hedy Lamarr and Mayim Bialik. Combining biography, history, and analysis, these side-by-side comparisons produce real insight and feel apropos in what the Forward 50 posited was 'the year of the Jewish woman.'”

The Jewish Women’s Archive Redefines The “Sandwich Generation”
The Jewish Week, November 17, 2014
Judith Rosenbaum writes: “From my perch, as both a relatively recent arrival to my 40s and newly ascended to a professional leadership position as the executive director of the Jewish Women’s Archive (JWA), I’ve been thinking about how to reframe this in-between, sandwiched generational place.”

Teacher honored for going 'beyond the text'
New Jersey Jewish News, August 7, 2013
“When it comes to making lessons come alive, Judith Sandman likes to go beyond the books. Most text books, she said, ignore many of the people she wants her students to learn about — Jewish women. So the Springfield resident — who teaches at Temple Emanu-El, the Reform synagogue in Westfield, and Temple Beth Ahm Yisrael, the Conservative synagogue in Springfield — turned to the national nonprofit Jewish Women’s Archive.”

As Women's History Month kicks off, Jewish leaders from across the religious spectrum weigh in on the role of women
Baltimore Jewish Times, February 28, 2013
“Jewish women have been feminists as far back as Biblical times, when women such as Tamar challenged the double standard by which her father-in-law Judah lived, or women like Miriam claimed her place as a leader alongside Moses and Aaron. Our foundational story, which we will soon once again recall at Passover Seders, is about human liberation. How could Jewish women not be feminists?”

Teaching Social Justice Through a Jewish Lens
Covenant In Action, February 13, 2013
“Nearly 50 years after such iconic events as Freedom Summer and the Selma marches helped define and advance the Civil Rights Movement, some Jewish educators are moving to teach it through a decidedly Jewish lens.”

[JWA's] “Living the Legacy helps us teach students, in a very tangible and relatable way, that there are issues of fairness that exist today, and that they have an obligation as Jews to do something about them. And I have full confidence that they will honor that legacy,” one educator said.

Seeing, Thinking, and Wondering
Covenant in Action, December, 12, 2012
“Nearly 30 Jewish educators from across the country gathered at a Jewish Women’s Archive retreat just before the start of the current academic year to dive into the new Living the Legacy curriculum and explore ways to maximize its use. Claire Solomon, Program Associate at The Covenant Foundation, was there, and shared some insights.”

Digital Stewardship at JWA
digitalstewardshipatthejwa.wordpress.com, April 2012
Students taking a course in Digital Stewardship at the Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science were tasked with an investigation of a digital collection and its management. "With a focus on descriptions of content, source material, legal issues, utility and possible options for sustainability, we decided that the Jewish Women’s Archive is an ideal digital repository for our investigation."

Seeing Beauty in "Making Trouble"
The Forward's Sisterhood blog, March 21, 2012
"The Jewish Women’s Archive annual luncheon, held March 18 at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Lower Manhattan, was a place where making trouble — and, in the process, making history — was cause for celebration."

"Thanks to the Jewish Women’s Archive... we now have records of all of this good-bad behavior, the type of behavior that puts heat in my blood, and keeps so many of us hungry for justice."

Gail Reimer honored at Hebrew College comencement June 5, 2012
Wicked Local Newton, June 2, 2011
Gail Reimer, founding director of the Jewish Women’s Archive, will receive the Dr. Benjaman J. Shevach Award for distinguished achievement in Jewish educational leadership.

Brookline's Dr. Gail Reimer honored by Auburn Theological Seminary
Wicked Local Brookline, May 16, 2011.
"The Auburn Theological Seminary in New York, an institute for religious leadership, honored Jewish Women’s Archive founder and Executive Director Dr. Gail Twersky Reimer at its 15th annual “Lives of Commitment” breakfast on May 6 at Cipriani’s."

Tweeting the Encyclopedia of Jewish Women
The Forward's Sisterhood blog, May 9, 2011.
"Although they were asked to commit to tweeting just one article a week, many of the partners have immediately embraced the project and have been tweeting multiple articles a day. Three days into the effort, 58 articles had already been tweeted — and retweeted many times over."

"Abusch-Magder, who suggested the project idea to JWA, sees this as an experiment in harnessing the power of social media to let people transmit and translate historical information in their own way and to their own networks. 'Scholars are not going to make history popular, but something like this will,' the rabbi said."

Learn about the Jewish women you don't know (and some you do) with JWA's online Encyclopedia
JewishBoston.com, May 4, 2011.
"A variety of influential Twitter users, individuals, organizations, rabbis and more, have volunteered to help tweet the Encyclopedia of Jewish Women using the hashtag #jwapedia ... I started by choosing subjects that were of interest to me, close to what I normally tweet about, that would also intrigue my followers to learn more about someone."

Tweeting the Encyclopedia
The Jewish Week, May 4, 2011.
"One national Jewish organization is now looking to release an entire encyclopedia via Twitter. If you think that sending out the content from an encyclopedia in less than 140 characters at a time might take a long time... well, you're correct. The Jewish Women's Archive has begun to tweet The Jewish Women's Encyclopedia. The Twitter feed can be followed at #jwapedia."

JWA is Tweeting Encyclopedia of Jewish Women
eJewishPhilanthropy, May 3, 2011.
"A diverse group of influential Twitter users, including organizations, clergy, lay leaders, social media professionals, and fans of JWA, has signed on to help tweet the Encyclopedia using the hashtag “#jwapedia.” The project poses an intriguing and entertaining challenge: to summarize a scholarly article in no more than 140 characters."

New JWA Haggadah Highlights Women’s Voices
eJewishPhilanthropy, April 15, 2011.
"This Passover, the Jewish Women’s Archive and JewishBoston.com have teamed up to create a downloadable, open source, fully inclusive Haggadah that weaves women’s voices throughout the seder."

100 Years After the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
The World, from BBC, PRI, and WGBH, March 23, 2011.
"Turn back the clock on New York City’s garment district to around the year 1900. 'The average work week was 84 hours, 12 hours every day of the week,' said Ellen Rothman with the Jewish Women’s Archive in Brookline, Mass. 'During the busy season, the grinding hum of sewing machines never entirely ceased day or night.'"

Approaching a Somber Anniversary, With a Commemoration — and a Celebration
The Forward's Sisterhood blog, March 18, 2011.
"The more than 200 people who came out for the event, held, fittingly, at the New York City Fire Museum, had a chance to learn about those labor leaders — information about their lives and work were placed on each table — as well as some contemporary Jewish women who are making a big difference."

The #JWA100: Jewish Women Who Tweet
eJewishPhilanthropy, January 9, 2011.
"The #JWA100 is about building a community of Jewish women using Twitter to make connections and have conversations."

Selected Media Mentions, 2010

Living the Complicated, Enduring Legacy
Jewschool, November 29, 2010.
"Living the Legacy is full of challenging and vulnerable pieces which make the process of unpacking the Jewish past in the Civil Rights movement a fascinating project. It’s well worth taking a spin through the primary sources on the website, even if you don’t consider yourself to be an educator."

Jewish Women's Archive launches cutting edge Living the Legacy Civil Rights curriculum
Jerusalem Post, November 22, 2010.
"Living the Legacy tells the stories of women – and men – whose actions were perhaps not in the center, and shows portraits of sometimes unnamed women acting out of their own commitment of conscience despite prevailing ideologies. It thus sets the record straight once and for all and lets students know that women are out there, working and doing and changing the world, and have been out there all along, whether or not men took notice."

“Living the Legacy” through the Jewish Women’s Archive
fromtherib?, November 8, 2010.
"I guess what I like best about “Living the Legacy” is that even after attending a Jewish school for 13 years, I’ve never really spent time studying specifically Jewish and black relations, so this is a topic that I can honestly say I’d be interested in learning about."

New Curriculum Highlights Work of Jewish, Female Civil Rights Activists
The Forward's Sisterhood Blog, November 4, 2010.
"You do not have to be a professional educator to appreciate what Rosenbaum has done. “Living the Legacy” is a gift to everyone."

WBUR's Public Radio Kitchen, September 10, 2010.
"As the Jewish people ring in the new year (5771), the Jewish Women’s Archive (JWA) blog “Jewish Women, Amplified” adds food to the mix."

2010 Institute for Educators: Jews and the Civil Rights Movement

Brooklyn Educators Explore Role Of Jews in Civil Rights Movement
Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Aug. 9, 2010.
Abby Gondek, New York Region director at the Curriculum Initiative in Brooklyn, and Mordecai Moore, a teacher at Brooklyn’s High School of Economics & Finance, were two of 26 Jewish educators who gathered July 25-29, 2010, in Newton, Mass. for the Jewish Women’s Archive’s (JWA) summer institute, "Jews and the Civil Rights Movement."

JFP Person of the Day: Allison Goldman
Jackson Free Press, Aug. 9, 2010
"The story of Judy Frieze Wright, a Jewish Freedom Rider who was arrested in Jackson in 1961, inspired Allison Goldman to educate others about the role of Jews during the Civil Rights Movement."

Making Trouble

Unfeminine to be funny? ‘Making Trouble’ documentary explores this with hilarity, humanity, history
Boston Examiner, May 30, 2010
"Reimer discussed "Making Trouble" and showed clips at the Library of Congress’ Mary Pickford Theater on May 26 in honor of Jewish American Heritage Month."

Library of Congress Recognizes work of the Jewish Women's Archive

Library of Congress Recognizes Work of Jewish Women’s Archive
eJewish Philanthropy, March 28, 2010
"Gail Reimer, Executive Director of the Jewish Women’s Archive (JWA), announced Friday that the Library of Congress has recognized JWA by including its website, jwa.org, in its historic collection of Internet materials."

Brookline-based Jewish Women’s Archive included in Library of Congress
The Brookline Tab, March 26, 2010
"JWA Executive Director Gail Reimer said, 'It is wonderfully gratifying to be simultaneously recognized from the top and from the bottom, by the nation’s most prestigious library and by the nation’s most democratic forum — the blogosphere.'"

Putting Jewish Women On the Map

Jewish Women Get a Place on the Map
The Forward, March 24, 2010
"The home of a Jewish woman who supported the Confederacy. The deli owned by the mother of America’s most famous Jewish film director. The synagogue where your mom had her bat mitzvah. These and other sites are part of a new virtual mapping project showing locations that are important in Jewish women’s history."

Putting Jewish Women on the Map
eJewish Philanthropy, March 11, 2010
"From Emma Lazarus’ poem engraved on the Statue of Liberty, to the site of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, to Barbra Streisand’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – Jewish women’s history is written on the streets of North America."

The Album as Archive: The Photograph as Story

Photographic Memories
The Jewish Advocate, February 12, 2010
Article courtesy of The Jewish Advocate.
"The funny thing about treasures: They're often hiding in plain sight."

Selected Media Mentions, 2009

Seriously Funny Jewish Women
Truth, Praise & Help by Renee Ghert-Zand, Nov. 27, 2009.
"Making Trouble is … is about women who defied stereotypes, took big risks and paved the way for female entertainers, Jewish and others, today. Jewish history is richer and the world a more enjoyable place because of their contributions."

Serious Trouble
Yo Yenta, Nov 24, 2009
"I’d like to see Making Trouble on the calendar of every Jewish Film Festival and in every Jewish livingroom library in the country. While it’ll have you guffawing and giggling, it serves as a vital addition to the Jewish archives…."

"Pride, Honor & Courage" New film focuses on Hartford-area Jewish women during World War II
Jewish Ledger, Oct 7, 2009.
JWA inspires WWII collecting project … and a movie.

Katrina’s Jewish Story
Jerusalem Report, August 31, 2009.
"Katrina’s Jewish Voices, an oral history project, aims at telling the stories of how Jewish lives were affected by the hurricane"

Jewish American Heritage Guide
Moment Magazine, May/June 2009
Jonathan Sarna writes: "The institutions listed in this guide—archives, historical societies, museums and more—have taken the lead in preserving and recounting that story. Thanks to them, people here and abroad are becoming versed in the American Jewish experience. During Jewish American Heritage Month, in particular, we owe these institutions our gratitude."

Meet Gail Reimer: Founding Director of the Jewish Women's Archive
AAUW Dialog (American Association of University Women), May 29, 2009

JTA's 100 Most Influential Jewish Twitterers
JTA, May 1, 2009
JWA ranked #12 on the list of 25 most influential Jewish organizations that have "staked their claim in twitter realty:"

Selected Press Mentions, 2008

Jewish Women, Amplified Mock Election Results
Washington Jewish Week, November 7, 2008

Hannah Blocker; broke Jewish barriers
Boston Globe, November 4, 2008

Profile: Gail Reimer
Hadassah Magazine, February 2008, by Deborah Fineblum Raub
"This professor-turned-archivist is determined to make strong Jewish women a thing of the past, present and future."

The Rise and Fall – and Rise – of "Jewess"
Nextbook, May 14, 2008, by Daniel Krieger
"'The exoticism was part of the way in which Americans in the early nineteenth-century thought about Jews, and it especially applied to Jewish women,' says Karla Goldman, former historian in residence at the Jewish Women's Archive…."

Jewish American Heritage Month

Featured Coverage


In May, celebrate Jews who helped shape American history
Cleveland Jewish News, May 19, 2008, by Lila Hanft (original is posted to her blog)
"Founded in 1995, The Jewish Women’s Archive (JWA) collects historical material by and about American Jewish women, offering a vast array of unique online material you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else."

Making Trouble

Featured Coverage


WDRC, Hartford, CT (radio interview), March 18, 2008

Toronto NOW Magazine, May 8, 2008

Online Press Mentions, 2007

Making Trouble

Featured Coverage


Washington Post, June 16, 2007

Slate Magazine, June 13, 2007

Jerusalem Post, June 16, 2007

San Francisco Bay Guardian, July 17, 2007

Jerusalem Film Festival Website (Awards and Prizes)



Gazette.net, June 13, 2007

San Francisco Chronicle, June 20, 2007

Berkeley Daily Planet, July 7, 2007

Bay Area Reporter, July 19, 2007

Washington Jewish Week, June 20, 2007

Jewschool, July 27, 2007

JVoices.com, July 30, 2007

Alternet, September 4, 2007 | By Emily Wilson

Puretics, September 5, 2007

This Week in History


Huffington Post, August 24, 2007

JSpot.org, March 21, 2007

MyJewishLearning.com, March 6, 2007

Tracing the Tribe (a JTA blog), February 22, 2007

Daily Bagel (features This Week in History feed)

Jewish American Heritage Month


Official Jewish American Heritage Month Website (features JWA's JAHM badge)

Jewschool, April 25, 2007

Jewish Women and the Feminist Revolution


Barnard College—Scholar & Feminist Online

Jewess, March 6, 2007

Jewish Women, Amplified


Seattle Times, August 18, 2007

Dallas Morning News, August 11, 2007

Girl w/Pen, August 30, 2007

That Is So Queer…, August 7, 2007

Wichita Eagle, August 4, 2007, "Web Watch: jwablog.jwa.org"
"JWA stands for Jewish Women's Archive and for Jewish Women, Amplified. This blog is a project of the women's group, written by young Jewish women willing to share their opinions on pop culture, art, current events and their religion. A recent post explores women wearing kippahs (the small, round head covering s more often seen on Jewish men). Another analyzes similarities between a quinceanera and a bat mitzvah. The writers don't shy from revealing their feminist, progressive views, and they invite readers to share opinions on controversial topics including the HPV vaccine, same-sex marriage and "mommy wars."

Divah World, July 6, 2007

Kolot: Meet Judith Rosenbaum, JSpot, July 3, 2007

Ayecha, March 7, 2007 (JWA is listed as a resource in the article)

Jewess, February 7, 2007 (one of many references)

Walking on Fire, January 11, 2007

Conversations With Writers, November 22, 2006 (Jewish Women, Amplified is listed as a "literary blog activist")

Yo, Yenta!, April 18, 2006

In Our Own Voices


Reform Judaism Magazine, Fall 2007 (one of several reviews)

Katrina's Jewish Voices


Carol Wise, Cynthia Farber, Millie Hyman Asher interviewed by Marcy Levinson: "Jewish Brunch with the JT Bunch" on WMLB 1690 in Atlanta, September 2, 2007

Selected press, 2005 and earlier

The Forward, March 25, 2005 by Marjorie Ingall
"So I had an evening out, for the first time since Maxine's birth. I attended "So Laugh a Little," an evening of Jewish women's comedy benefiting the Jewish Women's Archive (jwa.org), an organization that supports research, fosters chick-power activism, and creates curricula about American Jewish women in history and today. ...Some of that diversity is showcased in Joan Micklin Silver's forthcoming documentary, "Only Faster," clips of which were screened at the benefit. It profiles six legendary Jewish comedians: Sophie Tucker, Fanny Brice, Molly Picon, Judy Holliday, Madeline Kahn and Gilda Radner."

So Laugh A Little
"Out & About with A.L. Gordon" in The New York Sun, March 15, 2005
"Laughter rippled through the crowd easily and often at Monday's Jewish Women's Archive gala, 'So Laugh A Little: An Evening of of Jewish Women's Comedy.' More than 650 guests gathered at the Copacabana for a lineup of female entertainers."

"Change Agent For Women"
The Jewish Week (New York), March 18, 2005 by Debra Nussbaum Cohen Honoring Barbara Dobkin, it was clear from the start that the Jewish Women's Archive benefit couldn't be your typical rubber-chicken dinner.
No, the sold-out fund raiser at the Copacabana nightclub Monday night was as cheeky as its honoree.

Profile: Barbara Dobkin
New York Newsday, March 15, 2005 by Sheila McKenna
"If girls don't have role models, they can't begin to imagine the possibilities for themselves. And while there are role models, there are not enough, in my mind, in the Jewish community. I also believe that if boys and girls learn about what women have, and are, contributing to the Jewish community that ... stereotyping ... will stop. It's all about building respect and raising awareness."

"Daring Doers Honored"
The Chicago Tribune, November 3, 2004, by Beth Kanter
"An elevator ride 13 years ago changed Marion Stone's life and, as a result, the lives of thousands of Chicago Public School students. That morning Stone bumped into neighbor Joanne Alter, who was on her way to tutor at Byrd Community Academy on the Near North Side....Stone and Alter are two of the four local individuals being honored with the Jewish Women Who Dared award and whose stories are the subject of an online exhibit [at jwa.org], featuring Jewish women across the country."

"Now, remembering the Jewish women"
The Boston Globe, September 12, 2004, by Valerie Conners
"Their accomplishment are grand, their stories largely untold: A Nobel Prize-winning scientist. An Olympic gold medal track star. A labor reform and civil rights activists. A participant in the creation of Israel. They are all Jewish women, and thus month, as the 350th anniversary of Jews' arrival in America is commemorated across the country, their stories will be part of the celebration, thanks in part to the Brookline-based Jewish Women's Archive."

"Web Site Reviews"
The Journal of American History, published by the Organization of American Historians, September 2004, by Marjorie N. Feld
"The site is easily navigable and uses various media, including video and audio clips. Materials on many of the women featured on it can be found in multiple sections, connected by internal links....The JWA's growth--perhaps especially the growth of the Virtual Archive--promises scholars a wealth of material to study these crucial questions. As it integrates women of increasingly diverse backgrounds and pioneers new ways to study Jewish women using the Web, all of its audiences will benefit."

"History Lesson"
Baltimore Jewish Times, June 18, 2004, by Joel N. Shurkin
"The next time the American Jewish community celebrates its anniversary in the United States -- which happens this year -- it needs to do a better job than its predecessors, according to a historian. Not forgetting the role of Jewish women would be a start, says Dr. Karla Goldman, historian-in-residence at the Jewish Women's Archive in Massachusetts."

"Anniversary events honor Jewish women's place in history"
Fort Worth, Texas Star-Telegram, May 8, 2004, by Holly Lebowitz Rossi, Religion News Service
"By the year 1880, there was only one house in Santa Fe, N.M., that could boast running water and gas appliances. The house belonged to Flora Spiegelberg, a German-born Jewish pioneer woman who traveled across America to settle with her husband in Santa Fe. She is one of many women whose lives might otherwise be forgotten if not for the Jewish Women's Archive."

"Legacy of Women"
The Forward, April 16, 2004, by Sarah Kricheff
"Within every human being there is a universe, a lifetime of stories, people and ideas. When these stories are left untold, as often happens, they are irrevocably lost....The [Weaving Women's Words: Baltimore Stories] exhibit, presented, developed and curated by the Jewish Women's Archive, arose from the JWA's initiative to preserve the voices and histories off American Jewish women."

"Family Treasures Hold Kosher America's Roots"
The New York Times, March 31, 2004, by Joan Nathan
"'We are attempting to discover the extraordinary in ordinary women's lives,' said Gail Twersky Reimer, director of the Jewish Women's Archive...."

"Making art from the stuff of memories"
The Baltimore Sun, March 28, 2004, by Stephanie Shapiro
"Neither one medium nor one dimension can contain the lives depicted in [the Jewish Women's Archive's exhibition at the Jewish Museum of Maryland,] Weaving Women's Words: Baltimore Stories. ...In disparate pieces, the artists, all Jewish women themselves, are united by a profound sense of empathy with their subjects, most of whom they have never met."

"Celebrating 350"
Bnai Brith magazine, Spring 2004, by Gabrielle Birkner
"'Women have had a large role in Jewish institution-building in America,' says Hollace Weiner, a Fort Worth, Texas-based JWA [Jewish Women's Archive] research fellow. 'It's important that we acknowledge that they've done more than just pour coffee at oneg Shabbat.'"

"A young profile in courage: Student works to end violence"
Boston Sunday Globe, March 7, 2004, by Cate Coulacos Prato
"It takes courage to remove yourself from a domestic abuse situation, especially when you're a teenager. But to then take your message public to help others in your community -- that deserves an award. Clark University student Rebecca Chernin, 19, received a Women Who Dared award last week from the Jewish Women's Archive of Brookline."

"Women of Valor: Emma Goldman, 1869-1940"
Public History Resource Center, January 5, 2004, by Lauren Kata
"This site clearly has the potential to appeal to educators and students: as the site exists right now, especially with the timeline and bibliography, it is an excellent resource that teachers and students may find extremely useful."

Dissolving Boundaries: Gail Twersky Reimer '72, SLC.edu / Magazine / Summer 2003 Issue

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