Frequently Asked Questions

What are the goals of the fellowship?

The Jewish community needs leaders who feel empowered to speak up, to initiate important conversations, and to advocate for their own rights and the rights of others. To become leaders, young Jewish women* need role models, community support, and communication tools to enable them to take their rightful place in the world and contribute to the ongoing dialogue about the Jewish future. The Rising Voices Fellowship provides all these things and more.

The goals of the Rising Voices Fellowship are to empower young Jewish women* to become active contributors to the Jewish and feminist narratives; to use their writing to advocate for positive social change; and to become leaders in their communities and beyond.

*JWA embraces expansive understandings of what it means to be Jewish and a woman. We welcome and encourage applicants from any Jewish background, as well as non-binary, genderqueer, and gender-questioning applicants who want to explore the identity "Jewish woman" in all its complexity.

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What are the fellowship activities?

The RVF curriculum focuses on feminism, Judaism, identity, and social justice. During a webinar at the beginning of each month, fellows learn about a particular topic related to the fellowship themes. They are then given a writing assignment based on that topic, alternating each month between writing for the Jewish Women's Archive's online publication and another form of storytelling (including journaling, creative writing, and oral history). The writing process includes editing with JWA staff and a peer editor. In addition, fellows gather for retreats twice a year for in-depth learning and community building.

What is the time commitment for the fellowship?

Fellows spend approximately 8-10 hours per month on writing, peer editing, and webinars. The Fellowship also includes two retreats that are typically weekend-long and in the Boston area. Tentative retreat dates for the 2023-2024 cohort are August 25-27 and April 5-April 7. In response to the ongoing pandemic, JWA staff will evaluate whether to host retreats virtually, in-person, or hybrid ahead of each retreat for the 2023-2024 cohort and will notify participants and their parents well in advance.

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What is the application process?

Applicants are required to submit the following information:

  • One reference from a teacher or other adult in a supervisory role.
  • A short paragraph answer as to why the applicant wishes to be a part of the fellowship and what the applicant hopes to get out of it.
  • Two writing samples (300-350 words) on provided topics.

Application Process Timeline:

This year, applications are due April 3, 2023. In early May, JWA staff will email first-round decisions to applicants and will schedule half-hour virtual interviews with finalists to take place over the following few weeks. Staff will be in touch with interviewees at the end of May with final decisions.

Apply for the Rising Voices Fellowship today!

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How much does the fellowship cost?

This year, we are introducing a sliding scale for the Rising Voices Fellowship program fee, which can be paid monthly or as a one-time payment. We are committed to making the program accessible to all, and we will work with Fellows and their families to ensure cost is not a barrier to participation.

The sliding scale will include options for a one-time payment between $500-$3000 and for ten monthly payments between $50-$300.

The upper limit on the scale ($3000 or $300/month) still represents only 50% of the total program cost per participant; the remainder is subsidized by JWA's operating budget. For those who have the capacity to pay the full cost, we welcome donations beyond the subsidized sliding fee amounts.

What's included in the program fee? All travel, lodging, and food costs for two in-person retreats, as well as 10-20 webinars, speaker honoraria, program materials, and staff time for the Fellowship.

If you have any questions about the program cost, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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How can I learn more?

If you have additional questions please contact us.

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