8 -- Down: Historian Joyce

A friend of JWA tipped us off to an exciting clue in the August 13th Jerusalem Post crossword puzzle.

8 -- Down: Historian Joyce ('You Never Call, You Never Write' History of the Jewish Mother)

Six letters.

Got it?

If you guessed A-N-T-L-E-R, you're correct!

Joyce Antler, author of the acclaimed You Never Call! You Never Write: A History of the Jewish Mother, is the Samuel Lane Professor of American Jewish History and Culture and Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies at Brandeis University. She is also a founding Board member of the Jewish Women's Archive and Chair of JWA's Academic Advisory Council, and a contributor to JWA's Jewish Women: A Comprehensive Historical Encyclopedia. (Not to metion the fact that she was my undergraduate thesis advisor and mentor!)

Those familiar with crossword puzzles know the honor of being singled out as someone whose name may have an unusual spelling (Esai Morales and Eero Saarinen, for example). But perhaps the honor is even greater when one's name is used not because of its spelling, but because it has become part of our communal knowledge. We are thrilled to see a scholar of Jewish women receive such a distinct accolade.

Mazel tov Joyce!

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