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Holiday Stories

Join JWA this holiday season in uncovering the hidden stories of Jewish women in your life. To begin, choose a Jewish woman in your life whom you would like to know more about. Maybe it’s a grandmother, an aunt, or a teacher. We offer some prompts to get you started below that could be asked as part of your holiday celebration, but can also take the form of a private, recorded conversation. Ask if she’s willing to be recorded (by audio on a smartphone or computer), and whether the information can be shared with JWA.

Once you’re finished, share your reflections and/or audio files by submitting an interview form.

Telling and listening to stories creates a powerful connection. We hope this exercise is meaningful for you and your story-teller and that it sparks connection and inspiration for you both. Thank you for helping us tell a more inclusive, inspiring story this holiday season!

This initiative is part of Story Aperture, a new project of the Jewish Women’s Archive, that enables people of all ages to collect and share the untold and underrepresented stories of Jewish women through mobile technology.

Submit your Holiday Story

Feast on Stories this Thanksgiving

  1. What are you thankful for this year?
  2. Do you/does your family have any special Thanksgiving rituals?
  3. If you could invite any Jewish woman to your Thanksgiving meal, who would it be and why?
  4. What is your/your family's immigration story?

Make Rosh Hashanah Sweet

  1. As you review the past year, what are you most proud of? What do you wish you did differently?
  2. Did you speak out or act daring this year? If so, in what ways, and how did you feel about it?
  3. What are your hopes for the coming year—for yourself, your community, or the world?
  4. What is your favorite Rosh Hashanah memory or tradition?

Your Passover Story

  1. Describe a moment of liberation in your life.
  2. Describe a time in your life when you took a risk. What did you learn from this experience?
  3. When you reflect on the women actors in the Passover story - from Shifrah and Puah, the midwives who saved Hebrew firstborn from being killed; to Yocheved, the mother of Moses; to Miriam, who helped lead the Israelites out of Egypt - what kind of leadership style or action do you most relate to?
  4. What role(s) do women play in your family story?
Family at Passover Table
Full image
A large family gathered at the table for a holiday meal.
Courtesy of Steinfeldt Photography Collection of the Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest

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