Part 1

  • Assignment. Before the lesson, have students read “Civil Disobedience and the Freedom Rides: Introductory Essay” and “Gandhi’s Rules of Civil Disobedience”
  • Review some of the information from the introductory essay so that students will understand the context for Frieze's stories.
  • Use video resource to further clarify the strategy of nonviolence.
  • Distribute copies of the Judith Frieze Document Study to students. Ask students to read the introductory paragraph about Judith Frieze and the Freedom Rides.
  • Working in small groups, students should read the excerpts from The Boston Globe out loud, being sure to address the discussion questions.
    • Each group should choose one of Frieze's statements that stands out to them as being the most significant part of her experience.
  • Students come back together as a class and share the statements they chose.

Assignment. Students should read the Freedom Summer Introductory Essay as homework.


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