Part 3: Applying Knowledge

(Time for these activities will vary. The “Being an Agent of Change” activities will take longer and necessitate access to the Internet to do research. The “Investigative Interviews” activity could be done in 20–30 minutes if necessary.)

  1. There are two options for closing activities. Educators may choose to assign one activity or allow students to decide which they would like to do. Educators may also choose whether to have students work individually or in groups.
  2. Explain the activity to students and answer any questions they have.
    1. Being an Agent of Change: Educators can assign, or students can choose, one of two areas on which to focus.
      1. Activism: Students will select a social justice cause about which they feel passionate. Then, students will conduct research on the cause. Finally, students should formulate a plan for contributing their talents and efforts towards furthering the social justice cause, organization, or campaign of their choice.
      2. Better Business: Students will select a business or company about which they feel passionate. Then, students will conduct research on the business/company to evaluate its labor practices. Finally, students should formulate an analysis of the business/company’s practices, highlighting opportunities for change and recommendations for improvement.
    2. Investigative Interviews: Students will create a skit highlighting the experiences and perspectives of a key player or players from a contemporary labor justice scenario. This could be a one-on-one news or documentary style interview or a talk-show type skit with multiple characters and perspectives.
  3. Allow students at least 20 minutes to work on their projects. Students will need more time for the “Being an Agent of Change” activities as they require Internet research.
  4. Educators should decide whether to have students present their work to the class, to one another in small groups, in pairs, or not at all.


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