Temple Board Meeting

  1. Set up the Board Room
    1. If you have been able to reserve a board or conference room for your class' Board Meeting, take your class to that location.
      Have your students help you rearrange their desks, chairs, and/or themselves into a rectangle or circle symbolizing a Board Table.
    2. Have your students place their name signs (which you made prior to class or that your students make) in front of them so that others can read their names. They should introduce themselves, in character and using first person language, to the rest of the class.
    3. Provide the Temple President with a copy of the Board Scenario, the outline of the Temple Board Meeting, and a gavel.
  2. Hold the Temple Board Meeting
    1. Have the students debate the issue before the Temple Board according to the outline. The Temple President may call on board members in any order s/he wishes, and may ask additional questions. Everyone should have a chance to share his/her views. Once everyone has shared his/her views, the Temple President may call on people again to counter a point that has already been made. Finally, the Temple President should call for a motion: "We should support the activists." Or "We should not support the activists." Or some alternative or combination. A vote should then be taken.


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