Sammie Moshenberg

Sammie Moshenberg is NCJW’s director of Washington operations and coordinates all of NCJW’s advocacy efforts in Washington, DC, and nationwide. She also staffs NCJW’s State Public Affairs network of volunteer advocates in more than 20 states. She represents NCJW on national coalitions concerned with judicial nominations, civil rights, reproductive rights, child care, and First Amendment issues, and speaks widely on public policy and legislative issues throughout the country. A feminist activist, Sammie has been at the forefront of advocating for equality, economic and social justice for over 30 years.

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Handcuffs to Synagogue: A New Year, A Recommitment to Action

Sammie Moshenberg

Orginally published by ZEEK Magazine.

Tonight at Kol Nidre services, I will chant the prayer that absolves me from all oaths taken the previous year. The thing is — just yesterday I took an oath, alongside 119 women on a very hot day in the shadow of the US Capitol building, an oath that I (with the organization I represent, the National Council of Jewish Women) plan to keep. In part, we promised to:

"create a House United for fair immigration reform, a House United through my family, my community and my place of work, a House United for justice and equality for all and especially for the women and children who make up three-quarters of all immigrants but whose needs are woefully ignored by our failed system."

And we put our bodies on the line to reinforce our commitment to this promise.

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