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Memories of Arlene Raven - Allan McCollum

Allan McCollum, New York

I am sad today, to read of Arlene's death. She was not a part of my day to day life at all, but I carried an image of her in my mind always. She visited my Los Angeles studio only one time, in the early 70s, and I can't recollect a more open and honest person who touched me more, in so many ways, with such a brief encounter. Our conversation lasted an hour or so, but became deeply personal within minutes; her sadnesses and vulnerabilities were balanced with her strengths and optimism, and her presence was healing. She never knew this, but I kept a picture of her pinned to my wall for a few years back then; it made me happy to see her image. I have loved running into her periodically, over the years. She was an extremely beautiful person, and I can only imagine the loss those close to her must feel.

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