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Excerpt from a Eulogy for Andrea Bronfman - Judith Stern Peck

Judith Stern Peck, Ackerman Institute for the Family, January 25, 2006

Imagine if you will two women walking and talking in Central Park as the sun is rising and the city is waking. The landscape might be buds on the trees, ice or leaves crunching under foot. In all kinds of weather we walked and talked for the past 8 Years …. Let's eavesdrop as the conversation got going just 4 days ago. You will be able to hear the words and understand the meaning I am referring to … Saturday morning at 8:00am

Andy and Charles had had company for shabbat dinner … she was excited that the group had been intergenerational and that everyone had engaged in intense conversation … we compared notes as the same thing had happened at my Shabbat table … her guests stayed until 11:30 … mine left earlier … she looked at me impishly with a twinkle in her eye … her grandson had slept over and was at home with Charles … it made her happy to have had such a warm intimate evening of family and friends at home….

The conversation rambled to her AIDA [The Association for Israel's Decorative Arts] initiative, the success of it and the fact that they were interviewing candidates to professionalize the initiative … she had been involved in every detail of the development and implementation of this project and was proud of its evolution … it had her mark of attending to every detail to insure success … something she did no matter what she was working on … a level of detail I personally marveled at!

We touched on her upcoming trip to the Amazon … her sense of adventure and passion for living life to the fullest were in play….

We debated our usual topic: Jewish culture and religious traditions … we talked about her best friend Sally who had died tragically in an accident 4 years ago and the emptiness that was still there….

She talked about a call she had had with her children to do some philanthropic allocation … the dilemma of what to do for their 25th anniversary which was on the horizon along with Charles' 75th birthday … and then we stopped to wait for Yoffi, her dog and constant companion who loved the freedom of running in the rambles … she always asked if I had time … we crossed Beau Bridge where she had slipped last year on the ice … we rounded the corner, parted ways and made a plan to meet on Tuesday at our usual spot….

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