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Ezra Furman

American songwriter and musician Ezra Furman is perhaps best known for composing parts of the soundtrack for the Netflix series Sex Education.

Blue record player on black background with white Jewish stars

My Search for Meaningful Mainstream Jewish Music

Sonia Freedman

While I can bop to a prayer in the right setting, my playlists have a dismal lack of casual English music that reflects my Judaism. 

Borscht Belt Historical Marker - placard with info about Monticello

Bringing the Borscht Belt Back to Life

Jen Richler

JWA talks to Marisa Scheinfeld, founder and director of the Borscht Belt Historical Marker Project. 

Israeli singer Noa Kireal against sparkly blue background

Empowerment at Eurovision

Maya Viswanathan

No matter how silly the school tests and projects that stress me out are, listening to music that tells me that I have “all the power of a unicorn” makes me feel empowered.

Loolwa Khazzoom and her Bandmates: woman with mouth open as if screaming, man on either side of her

Loolwa Khazzoom on her new single, "The Convert's Quest"

Sarah Jae Leiber

JWA talks to Loolwa Khazzoom, frontwoman of the rock band Iraqis in Pajamas, about the inspiration for her new single.

Collage of characters from TV show Bumper in Berlin on pink gradient background

The Pitch Perfect TV Spin-Off Offers Lots of Bumper And Little Feminism

Miriam Niestat

The first episode’s failure to pass the Bechdel Test was my first hint that Bumper in Berlin would not be the continuation of the Pitch Perfect movies I expected. 

Noa Kirel responds at MTV awards to Kanye West’s Antisemitic comment

November 13, 2022

Israeli pop star Noa Kirel represented Israel at the 017 MTV Europe Music Awards and was chosen in 2021 to represent Israel at the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest. In November 2022, she responded to Kanye West’s antisemitic comments at the MTV music awards. 

Dana International (Sharon Cohen) Wins Eurovision Representing Israel

May 9, 1998

On May 9, 1998, Sharon Cohen—known professionally as Dana International—won the Eurovision Song Contest representing Israel. She made history as the first trans person to win the competition with her song “Diva.”

Carrie Brownstein’s Sleater-Kinney releases acclaimed album, "Call the Doctor"

March 25, 1996

On March 25, 1996, the feminist indie-punk band Sleater-Kinney, featuring Jewish musician, actor, and writer Carrie Brownstein, released its second album, Call the Doctor. The album, which Rolling Stone later listed as number 49 in the top 100 albums of the 1990s, solidified Sleater-Kinney as an essential voice in punk rock’s riot grrrl movement.

Doja Cat’s “Say So” Remix Becomes the First No. 1 Song by a Female Rap Duo

May 16, 2020

On May 16, 2020, singer and rapper Doja Cat earned her first No. 1 hit for the remix of her song “Say So.” The song had originally peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 before Doja enlisted rapper Nicki Minaj for the remix, which would ultimately top the chart.

Paula Abdul Releases First No. 1 Hit Single “Straight Up”

November 22, 1988

On November 22, 1988, Jewish singer, performer, choreographer, and television personality Paula Abdul released her single “Straight Up” from her debut album, Forever Your Girl. The song became Abdul’s first No. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in February 1989.

A-WA Release Worldwide Hit "Habib Galbi"

March 7, 2015

On March 7, 2015, the all-female Mizrahi Jewish band A-WA released its first song, "Habib Galbi" ("Love of My Heart"), a modern take on a Yemeni folk song of the same name.

Jewish Women in Contemporary Popular Music: 1950 to Present

Since 1950, Jewish women musicians have moved with the times, performing with bands, as solo acts, and as songwriters. They have included mainstream pop performers and rock, punk, and Riot Grrrl musicians. Some Israeli artists have reached international audiences, often via the Europvision Song Contest.

HAIM nominated for Best New Artist

February 8, 2015

On February 8, 2015, the all-female Jewish pop-rock group, HAIM was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best New Artist.


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