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Technology: OAI-ORE Presentation Tool - Smartqueue per User

Preliminary documentation. Post questions, corrections, comments at end of note

Smartqueue per User (Module's name might change)

Smartqueue per User provides a facility for regular users to create and manipulate subqueues*, without giving them too much power or having them interfere with each other's subqueues.


After installing this module two new permissions are provided: manipulate own user queue and manipulate all user queues. Users in roles with the manipulate own user queue will be able to create, view and change subqueues that belong to them. Users in roles with the manipulate all user queues can create, view or change subqueues that belong to all users, even those that were marked as private. The difference between manipulate all user queues and manipulate all queues (? a permission provided by the standard nodequeue module ?) is that the former only grants permission to manipulate nodequeues that have the the "smartqueue per user" feature enabled. Manipulate all queues grants permission to manipulate all nodequeus.

Creating a nodequeue of the type Smartqueue per User

Navigate to Administer > Content management > Nodequeue > Add smartqueue per user
This will be a standard nodequeue creation form with the addition of smartqueue per user specific settings - Most settings are self explanatory, the following are a bit less intuitive:

Manipulation method

Depending on which setting is selected, users who are given permission to manipulate subqueue X and visit the view page of subqueue X will be presented with different options:

  • Inline—Users will be provided with the same form that manipulates a subqueue that's provided by the nodequeue module
  • External—Users will be provided with a link to the standard page that provides the above mentioned form
  • Hidden—Users will be provided with nothing. Notice that selecting this will make it problematic to manipulate a subqueue for regular users, and an alternative method (such as another module or a site specific script) should be provided.

Display view

Controls which View (if Views module is installed) will be used to display a subqueue's content. Selecting Default display will simply show the standard teasers. Selecting a view will display the subqueue's content using the view's "default" display. The subqueue's ID will automatically be passed in to the view as the first and only argument.

[isaac: i believe that views 2 uses the term 'display' to refer to the "default"/"page"/"attachment" tabs. Could we change the "default display" option to avoid confusion—maybe to "Default (standard teasers)" or something like that? Or is it easier to just use the "view's 'default' tab" here?]

Once a nodequeue of this type is created, users can start adding subqueues and filling them with content through their "My Queues" page.

My Queues page

The modules provides a tab for user profiles that displays the user's subqueues, divided by nodequeues. Privileged users can manipulate subqueues from that page. This new page is themeable.


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