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Technology: OAI-ORE Presentation Tool - Nodequeue Annotate

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Nodequeue Annotate

This module adds annotations (or captions) for nodes that reside inside subqueues*. Each node's annotation is unique to a subqueue so that a single node can have a different annotation in each subqueue it resides in.

Annotating interface

Once installed the module replaces the default javascript dynamic widget that adds and removes nodes from nodequeues with another widget that can also add annotations. The widget is self-explanatory. It replaces the links part of each node (when seeing teasers or pages)
[isaac: "links part of each node" is unclear]
[isaac: describe what the links area is replaced with... links that include annotations?]

An "annotation" [isaac: that is the column, correct?] column is also added to the table in the nodequeue tab of nodes (this is accomplished by using the Editable tables patch for nodequeue.module). This allows editing of annotations for multiple nodes from a single form. [isaac: is that right?]

There is currently no way to add or edit annotations from a subqueue admin interface because the current interface doesn't support extensions. This interface is about to be replaced with a newer interface (Drag and drop node ordering)

Views integration

The module add new Views fields:

  • Nodequeue Annotate: Add/remove links (same as Nodequeue: Add/remove links except these support annotations)
  • Nodequeue Annotate: Annotation (depends on a relationship with a nodequeue)—Displays the annotation of a node


All texts are admin modifiable (permission: administer nodequeue)—Navigate to: Administer > Content management > Nodequeue > Settings for annotations

[isaac: would be helpful to specify which text, or give an example or two.]


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