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Technology: OAI-ORE Presentation Tool - Installation


Note, check for the latest modules and any updates to these files. These are the versions that were current 8/2009.

  1. Unzip the files from modules.tar.gz to /sites/all/modules. You might already have some of these modules already, however the version of nodequeue in his archive has a patch that is not yet in the official nodequeue package and other modules depend on.
  2. Go to: Home > Administer > Site building > Module and activate the "Media Sets" module, this would activate all the other modules that the functionality depends on as well.
  3. Go to: Home > Administer > User management > Permissions and add the following permissions to authenticated users:
    • (Listed as "module name: permission name")
    • nodequeue module: manipulate queues
    • nodequeuenode module: access all nodequeuenodes
    • nodequeuenode module: access own nodequeuenodes
    • nodequeuenode module: create nodequeuenodes
    • nodequeuenode module: delete own nodequeuenodes
    • nodequeuenode module: edit own nodequeuenodes
    • oaiore_player module: create OAI_ORE text Slide
    • oaiore_player module: delete own OAI_ORE text Slide
    • oaiore_player module: edit own OAI_ORE text Slide
    • smartqueue_users module: manipulate own user queue
    • user module: access user profiles (so that anyone can access any user's queue page)
  4. Go to: Home > Administer > Content management > Content types > Nodequeuenode and change the title to "Media Set" (And maybe provide a better description, e.g. "Stores description and other metadata related to a particular media set.")
  5. Go to: Home > Administer > Content management > Nodequeue > Add smartqueue per user and create the settings for the new nodequeue:
    • (Anything not here can be left as the default)
    • Title: Media Sets
    • Maximum number of subqueues per user: 10?
    • Manipulation method: Hidden
    • Display view: mediaset_subqueue
    • Enable relating subqueues to a meta-node (Check)
    • Subqueue display view: mediaset_subqueue
    • Enable exporting of OAI-ORE feeds from the Meta-node (Check)
    • Queue size: 99 (Largest value below unlimited)
    • Link "add to queue" text: Add to %subqueue
    • Link "remove from queue" text: Remove/Change caption in %subqueue
    • Roles: authenticated users
    • Types: Media Object + OAI-ORE Custome Text Slide (Check both)
  6. Go to: Home > Administer > Content management > Nodequeue > Settings for annotations to change labels/editing form prompts from "annotation" to "caption." Also consider changing "node" to "object," "nodequeue" to "media set" here.
  7. Go to: Home > Administer > Site building > Views > Edit mediaset_subqueue
    • Click on "Nodequeue: Queue" under "Relationships"
    • In the new panel that opened below check "Media Sets" and click Update
    • Click on Save

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