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Group with Thou Shalt Love Thy Neighbor Sign
Hillel Gamoran, Slide Collection No. 3487, The Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives, 1963.
A Jewish Social Justice Education Project
Central Conference of American Rabbis at the March on Washington

Living the Legacy

Living the Legacy (LTL) uses primary sources and personal narrative to explore the roles of American Jews in the Civil Rights and Labor Movements. Through art projects, text studies, role-playing opportunities, and more, these lesson plans encourage learners to grapple with questions about identity, society, and social justice through a distinctly Jewish lens. For use with students in grade 8 and up.

"Claire" by Dawoud Bey, 2004

Living the Legacy Civil Rights Lessons

Explore identity and activism through 16 lesson plans highlighting the stories of Jewish involvement in the Civil Rights Movement. Investigate the motivations and experiences of American Jewish activists, experiment with models for civil disobedience and community organizing, and unpack the complex relationship between Jews, African Americans, and social justice activism.
Small Garment Factory circa 1910

Living the Legacy Labor Lessons

These eight lesson plans weave stories of immigration and collective action together with traditional Jewish texts to create a rich investigation of Jewish involvement in the American Labor Movement. Identify the connections between human needs, work, and community, examine real-life examples of how to create social change, and look closely at contemporary labor issues through a Jewish lens.
"What's Jewish About Justice?" Educational Activity, 2012

Lesson Groupings

Quickly find a selection of lessons to meet your setting and program needs. Browse LTL lesson plans in suggested groupings for service learning programs, adult education, MLK day celebrations, and more.
Judith Frieze, June 21, 1961

Introductory Essays

The 22 introductory essays in Living the Legacy provide important historical context for the questions, ideas, and sources explored in each lesson. They are also an excellent resource for getting a quick overview of Jewish involvement in both the Civil Rights and Labor Movements.
"Women Resume Riots Against Meat Shops" New York Times, May 17, 1902

Traditional Jewish Texts

In collaboration with Rabbi Jill Jacobs, the Jewish Women's Archive has developed traditional Jewish text studies to complement the primary sources and activities found in the Living the Legacy lesson plans. Browse by text to find related lesson plans and resources.
Rose Schneiderman

Biographies of Jewish Labor Leaders

These biographies introduce unsung Jewish heroes and leaders of the Labor Movement.
Marriage Equality Demonstration, June 14, 2007


Browse LTL lesson plans by keyword to quickly find resources on your subject of interest.
Books on a Desk

Selected Bibliography

Explore an extensive list of resources used to create Living the Legacy and recommended for further exploration on the topics covered in the lesson plans.

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