How To Conduct An Interview Using Story Aperture

  • Choose someone to interview (your “narrator”) or answer the questions yourself!
  • Choose a Question Set to frame your interview.
  • Make a plan with your narrator ahead of time: Pick a time and place (ideally, quiet and interruption-free); let her know the topics you’re interested in exploring and how much time you expect the interview to last.
  • Whether using the Story Aperture app or the website, do a test ahead of time to make sure you know how to use it before the interview.
  • Start the interview with an introduction: “Today is (date). My name is (your name), and I am interviewing (narrator’s name), who was born on (date of birth) in (place of birth). (Narrator’s name), do I have your permission to record this interview and submit it to the Jewish Women’s Archive?”
  • During the interview, use the Question Sets provided, or ask your own questions. You don’t need to ask all the questions in a given set! Choose what is meaningful or of interest to you and your narrator. Listen attentively and ask follow-up questions as you go.
  • Avoid interrupting your narrator while she is in the middle of a story, or asking leading questions. Allow for pauses and use open-ended questions to elicit more information.
  • Avoid making verbal affirmations like “uh huh” or “oh, wow,” because they can interrupt the narration. Instead show your appreciation or understanding through eye contact, facial expressions, and other non-verbal signs.
  • When she’s finished, thank your narrator for her time and for sharing her story with you.
  • Take a photo of your narrator, and upload the photo and the interview to JWA!

Learn more about how to engage with Story Aperture by watching this online training.


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