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Episode 11: Still Marching

The day after Trump’s inauguration, millions of people around the world took to the streets in protest. March along with us in this episode! We'll meet participants in the Women's March on Washington, and go back to where it all began—the first women’s march in Washington, on the eve of President Woodrow Wilson’s inauguration in 1913, before women even had the right to vote. Plus, two very special daughters make their Can We Talk? debut.

Released January 26, 2017

Nahanni's podcasts are models of clarity, craft, and reason.  This one about the Women's March is a wonderful collage of eyewitness accounts, supplemented with historical precedents and cogent questions about our future progress.  Music from Woodrow Wilson's inauguration and World War I, including the voice of Enrico Caruso, sharpens the focus on this present moment.  By including the resistance of men to the original march in 1913, President Wilson's opposition to Women's suffrage, and the racial limitations during those years of struggle,  Nahanni highlights both the progress towards true democracy and the challenges we need still to overcome.  Knowing all of this is heartening in our contentious present.

I love listening to these podcasts because it makes me feel linked with so many other women.  I live in New Jersey, but didn't have the heart to be here during the inauguration, so I escaped to Key West, FL, where I could ignore it all.  However, my husband and I were able to join the Women's March there and join the other 3,000+ people.  It was amazing to feel connected to the locals and tourists there and to know we were connected to people marching throughout the US and the world.  Now the real work begins.

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