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Barbara Myerhoff

Credit: Photograph by Vincent J. Grass.
Courtesy of Sonia Press Fuentes.


Browse this section for short profiles of some of the thousands of Jewish women found throughout We will be adding new profiles to this section regularly and welcome your suggestions for women to add.

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Sophie Rabinoff in Uniform, 1918
Sophie Rabinoff
Sophie Rabinoff used the skills she honed as a doctor in Palestine to improve health care in some of the worst slums in New York.
May 19, 1899
Alicia Jo Rabins seated - cropped
Alicia Jo Rabins

With her indie rock song cycle Girls in Trouble, musician Alicia Jo Rabins has reinterpreted the women of the Bible for a modern audience.

Portland, Oregon
United States
Dorit Rabinyan cropped
Dorit Rabinyan
Dorit Rabinyan was an acclaimed writer even before publishing her controversial novel Borderlife, with its focus on an Israeli-Palestinian romance.
September 25, 1972
Kfar Saba
Kira Radinsky
Kira Radinsky
Computer scientist Kira Radinsky earned a reputation for predicting the future when she developed technology that could anticipate cholera outbreaks and student riots based on data in old newspapers.
Gilda Radner
Gilda Radner
A gifted comedian, Gilda Radner made a name for herself as one of the original cast members of Saturday Night Live.
June 28, 1946
Detroit, Michigan
United States
Luise Rainer
Luise Rainer
Luise Rainer made history as both the first person to win multiple Academy Awards and the first to win them consecutively.
January 12, 1910
Aly Raisman
Aly Raisman
Alexandra “Aly” Raisman not only won gold and bronze medals for her individual performances at the 2012 Olympics but captained the women’s gymnastic team that won the gold medal that year.
May 25, 1994
Needham, Massachusetts
United States
"Atlas Shrugged" Front Cover by Ayn Rand
Ayn Rand
Ayn Rand sparked a new ethical philosophy called Objectivism with the principles laid out in her novels including the Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged.
February 2, 1905
St. Petersburg
Lydia Rapoport
Lydia Rapoport
Lydia Rapoport’s contributions to crisis theory transformed how social workers and therapists handle crisis intervention.
March 8, 1923
Judith Raskin
One of the top opera sopranos of her time, Judith Raskin shone on stage and taught her students to stop thinking about “the Voice” as separate from themselves.
June 21, 1928
Yonkers, New York
United States
Miriam Raskin
A Labor Bund activist who joined the Russian Revolution, Miriam Raskin went on to write stories of ordinary people challenged by extraordinary circumstances.
Bertha Floersheim Rauh
A social reformer ahead of her time, Bertha Floersheim Rauh initiated dozens of vital services and completely overhauled Pittsburgh’s Department of Public Welfare.
June 16, 1865
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States
Elizabeth Brandeis Raushenbush
Elizabeth Brandeis Raushenbush followed in the footsteps of her famous father, Louis Brandeis, by becoming a leader in labor legislation and helping lay the groundwork for the New Deal.
April 25, 1896
Clara Raven
After a distinguished military career as one of the first female doctors to serve in WWII, Clara Raven went on to do pioneering research on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
Cecilia Razovsky
Cecilia Razovsky
Cecilia Razovsky found countless ways to help Jewish refugees, from writing plays and pamphlets that changed public opinion to running numerous committees and organizations for immigrant aid.
May 4, 1891
St. Louis, Missouri
United States
Helen Reddy, 1975
Helen Reddy
Singer Helen Reddy’s feminist anthem “I Am Woman,” the only song she wrote herself, earned her a Grammy and international stardom.
October 25, 1941
Gail Twersky Reimer

By collecting the history of Jewish women in the Jewish Women’s Archive, Gail Twersky Reimer ensured that anyone with an internet connection could get a more accurate, inclusive story of the Jewish community.

July 10, 1950
Queens, New York
United States
Sarah Reisen
Sarah Reisen was both a gifted Yiddish writer in her own right and a respected translator of great literature into Yiddish for children and adults.
Nadia Reisenberg
Nadia Reisenberg
A gifted pianist, Nadia Reisenberg used her talents to connect with others, from her acclaimed performances with her sister to her years of training musicians in New York and Jerusalem.
July 14, 1904
Judith Resnik
Judith Resnik
The second female American astronaut to travel into space, Judith Resnik is remembered for her death in the tragic Challenger explosion.
April 5, 1949
Akron, Ohio
United States
Regina Resnik, 1968
Regina Resnik
Undaunted by changes to her voice, opera singer Regina Resnik reinvented herself multiple times in her career, taking on unexpected new roles.
August 30, 1922
Bronx, New York
United States
Freda Resnikoff
Freda Resnikoff helped found the group that would become Mizrachi Women (later called AMIT) and set an example of leadership for generations of women in her family.
Brenda Brown Rever
Brenda Brown Rever
From empowering and educating young girls, to preserving the oral histories of women over 75, Brenda Brown Rever has helped shape women’s stories and been shaped by them in return.
March 14, 1944
Baltimore, Maryland
United States
Irina Reyn
Irina Reyn’s novels capture the immigrant experience of being simultaneously an outsider and a member of a tight-knit community.
Adrienne Rich
Adrienne Rich
Adrienne Cecile Rich used her poetry as a means to reclaim the voices of the silenced, drawing from her own experience as a woman and lesbian.
May 16, 1929
United States


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