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Barbara Myerhoff

Credit: Photograph by Vincent J. Grass.
Courtesy of Sonia Press Fuentes.


Browse this section for short profiles of some of the thousands of Jewish women found throughout We will be adding new profiles to this section regularly and welcome your suggestions for women to add.

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Zsa Zsa Gabor: My Story
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Known as much for her glamorous lifestyle and playful remarks about marriage as for her acting roles, Zsa Zsa Gabor thrived in the spotlight.
February 6, 1917
Vicki Gabriner, July 2000
Vicki Gabriner
As a radical activist for civil rights, feminism, and an end to the Vietnam War, Vicki Gabriner risked her life to transform the country at a time of tremendous upheaval.
Brooklyn, New York
United States
Gal Gadot
Gal Gadot
Gal Gadot has credited her service in the Israeli army with opening doors for her as an actress, including the lead in the 2017 Hollywood blockbuster Wonder Woman.
April 30, 1985
Rosh HaAyin
Barbara Gaffin and an Ethiopian Boy, 1981
Barbara Gaffin
Barbara Gaffin brought international attention to the desperate circumstances of Ethiopian Jews and helped whole communities flee to Israel.
Dorchester, Massachusetts
United States
Hilda R. Gage
Hilda R. Gage capped a career of firsts with her appointment as the first female Chief Judge of Michigan’s Oakland County Circuit Court, one of the busiest circuit courts in the nation.
Roberta Galler, 1962
Roberta Galler
Roberta Galler’s work for the Congressional Challenge marked a landmark civil rights effort, using six hundred depositions that blacks had been prevented from voting in the 1964 congressional election as evidence that the election was unconstitutional.
Chicago, Illinois
United States
Susan Galler
Susan Galler
As founder of the consulting firm Galler Group LLC, Susan Galler has helped institutions from public television and radio stations to Planned Parenthood affiliates launch capital campaigns that allow them to grow and take on new challenges.
Boston, Massachusetts
United States
Loren Galler Rabinowitz and David Mitchell, 2004
Loren Galler-Rabinowitz
A champion in two very different fields, Loren Galler-Rabinowitz took home the bronze medal for ice dancing in 2004, then competed in the 2011 Miss America Pageant as Miss Massachusetts.
January 19, 1986
Boston, Massachusetts
United States
Mamie Gamoran
Mamie Goldsmith Gamoran chose to combat assimilation in America by writing children’s books on Jewish history and holidays that encouraged children to feel proud of their dual identities as Jews and Americans.
January 17, 1900
Long Island City, New York
United States
Annabelle Gamson
Annabelle Gamson’s performances of Isadora Duncan’s choreography were remarkable both in their own right and for the fact that Gamson performed them in her forties, at an age when most dancers chose to retire.
August 6, 1928
Bronx, New York
United States
Bird Stein Gans
Bird Stein Gans
At a time when ideas about childrearing were mainly shaped by philosophers like Plato or Rousseau with little actual research on child development, Bird Stein Gans cofounded and led the Society for the Study of Child Nature to better educate parents.
May 29, 1868
Allegheny, Pennsylvania
United States
Helene Gans
A firm believer in the importance of government regulations in protecting citizens, Helene Gans advocated for minimum wage laws, consumer protection, and relief for victims of WWII.
December 27, 1893
Chicago, Illinois
United States
Roz Garber, 2000
Roz Garber
Roz Garber evaded the KGB to bring hope to refuseniks in the USSR.
Evelyn Garfiel
Evelyn Garfiel’s Jewish scholarship on topics like the prayer book and the Hebrew language helped make Jewish study accessible to the broader public.
June 10, 1900
New York, New York
United States
Alicia Garza
Alicia Garza
After her impassioned plea that black lives matter ignited the internet, Alicia Garza helped lead the movement that has transformed the modern struggle for civil rights.
March 4, 1981
Oakland, California
United States
Cindy Gats
Cindy Gats
Gats served in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm in the US Marine Corps.
Queens, New York
United States
Ruth Gavison
Ruth Gavison
A legal scholar who has grappled with civil rights and privacy laws for decades, Ruth Gavison continues to confront the legal paradox of Israel being simultaneously a Jewish state and a democratic one.
March 28, 1945
Ruth Gay
Through her writing, Ruth Glazer Gay captured an engaging view of the Jewish community, both past and present.
October 19, 1922
New York, New York
United States
Hilda Geiringer
A brilliant mathematician who did groundbreaking work in Europe, Hilda Geiringer was stalled in her professional career after immigrating to the US, where her gender and her age became serious liabilities.
September 28, 1893
Elisabeth Rozetta Geleerd
Elizabeth Rozetta Geleerd’s work on extreme psychological conditions like amnesia and schizophrenia led to new methods for treating seriously disturbed children and adolescents.
March 20, 1909
Laura Geller
Laura Geller
As one of the first women rabbis, Laura Geller pushed for women’s greater inclusion in both Jewish liturgy and Jewish leadership.
April 21, 1950
Brookline, Massachusetts
United States
Mary Gendler
Mary Loeb Gendler has helped shape social justice movements in indirect but effective ways, from crafting new rituals for Jewish feminists to helping Tibetan exiles leverage the tools of nonviolent protest.
Kansas City, Minnesota
United States
Lillian Mellen Genser
After the narrowly averted disaster of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Lillian Mellen Genser decided to train people to think differently about conflict from early childhood onward.
Deena Gerber
Deena Gerber
A seasoned social worker and executive director of Jewish Family Service of Greater New Orleans, Deena Gerber helped residents put their lives back together in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
New Orleans, Louisiana
United States
Karen Gershon
Karen Gershon
From early childhood, poet Karen Gershon expected to settle in Israel, but the chaos of WWII sent her in an entirely different direction.


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