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Barbara Myerhoff

Credit: Photograph by Vincent J. Grass.
Courtesy of Sonia Press Fuentes.


Browse this section for short profiles of some of the thousands of Jewish women found throughout We will be adding new profiles to this section regularly and welcome your suggestions for women to add.

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Ray Karchmer Daily
Ray Karchmer Daily
Ophthalmologist Ray Karchmer Daily fought to eliminate the subtle barriers that kept others from succeeding, arguing for dormitories for female medical students and free school lunches for needy children.
March 16, 1891
Vilna, Vilnius
Helen Miller Dalsheimer
Helen Miller Dalsheimer
Helen Miller Dalsheimer took on leadership roles both locally through her synagogue, the Baltimore Hebrew Congregation, and on a national level.
April 16, 1900
Baltimore, Maryland
United States
Shoshana Damari
Shoshana Damari
Shoshana Damari’s lush voice and her fusion of Eastern and Western musical aesthetics made her the voice of a generation in Israeli music.
March 31, 1923
Ruby Daniel
Ruby Daniel
Ruby Daniel’s memoir of her life in India revealed not only the rich culture of her childhood but also her experiences as a Jewish woman in the Indian Navy, serving alongside Muslim and Hindu men.
Lili Darvas, 1922
Lili Darvas
Lili Darvas earned praise for acting both classic and modern roles with great dramatic range and, as critic Harold Clurman put it, “the dignity of sound human instincts.”
April 10, 1902
Annette Daum
Annette Daum combined interfaith dialogue and feminism in the hopes of both defusing anti-Semitism in the feminist movement and finding solutions to the common problems facing women in different faiths.
June 29, 1926
New York, New York
United States
Carrie Dreyfuss Davidson
Carrie Dreyfuss Davidson became an important voice for women in the Conservative Movement as a founder of United Synagogue’s Women’s League and founding editor of their journal Outlook.
February 12, 1879
Brooklyn, New York
United States
Rita Davidson
Rita Charmatz Davidson
Rita Charmatz Davidson’s career in the Maryland court system was a series of firsts, leading to her 1979 appointment as the first woman on the Maryland Court of Appeals, the highest judicial body in the state.
Brooklyn, New York
United States
Natalie Zemon Davis
Natalie Zemon Davis
Through her investigation of court records, pamphlets, and other nontraditional sources, historian Natalie Zemon Davis created vivid pictures of the lives of ordinary people in medieval and renaissance France, particularly in her wildly popular 1983 book, The Return of Martin Guerre.
November 8, 1928
Detroit, Michigan
United States
Susan Davis
Susan Davis
Congresswoman Susan Davis, the first Democrat in more than fifty years to serve more than one term for California’s 53rd district, has repeatedly fought for women’s health issues on both a state and local level.
April 13, 1944
Cambridge, Massachusetts
United States
Lucy S. Dawidowicz
Lucy S. Dawidowicz
Lucy S. Dawidowicz believed that her passion for the shtetls she had known and her experiences working with Holocaust survivors in postwar Germany made her a better historian.
June 16, 1915
New York, New York
United States
Frances Allen de Ford
Doctor Frances Allen de Ford pioneered hygiene initiatives in the malaria-ridden, working-class Kensington district of Philadelphia.
April 5, 1855
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States
Poster for "La Traviata" Starring Edis De Philippe
Edis De Philippe
Cultural powerhouse Edis De Philippe founded the Israel National Opera Company in 1947, creating a landmark institution for the performing arts.
May 21, 1912
New York, New York
United States
Vera Dean
A scholar of international relations, Vera Dean helped shape American foreign policy through her writing.
March 29, 1903
St. Petersburg
Midge Decter
Midge Decter
A founder of the neoconservative movement, Midge Decter delighted in challenging liberal views and acting as a thorn in the side of the feminist movement.
July 25, 1927
St. Paul, Minnesota
United States
Ida Dehmel
Ida Dehmel
Deeply enmeshed in German cultural life as a writer, salon hostess, and women’s rights activist, Ida Coblenz Dehmel found herself squeezed out of the very communities she had helped shape when the Nazis came to power.
Bingen am Rhein
Katya Delakova
Katya Delakova was a pioneer of Jewish dance, blending folk traditions, Hasidic worship, modern dance, and improvisation.
September 8, 1914
Market at Minho by Sonia Delaunay, 1915
Sonia Delaunay
Through her art and work, Sonia Delaunay blurred the lines between poetry, fashion, and fine art.
November 14, 1885
Florence Levin Denmark
Florence Levin Denmark helped found the field of women’s psychology and built crucial support for it in academic circles.
January 28, 1932
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States
Maya Deren in "Meshes of the Afternoon," 1943
Maya Deren
Maya Deren became one of the most important avant-garde filmmakers of her time for her use of experimental editing techniques and her fascination with ecstatic religious dances.
April 29, 1917
Helen DeRoy
Helen DeRoy
Helen Lowentritt DeRoy’s business savvy in the auto industry was matched only by her generosity as a philanthropist through the worst years of the Depression.
Oil City, Pennsylvania
United States
Helene Deutsch Cropped
Helene Deutsch
The first psychologist to focus on women, Helene Deutsch investigated issues ranging from motherhood to female sexuality.
October 9, 1884
Naomi Deutsch
A leader in the field of public health nursing, Naomi Deutch spearheaded health and sanitation campaigns in the US, Central America, and the Caribbean.
November 5, 1890
Brno, Moravian-Silesian Region (Moravskoslezsky kraj)
Czech Republic
Babette Deutsch
In her poetry, novels, and translations, Babette Deutsch interwove elements of vastly different cultures and times, from the Bible and Shakespeare to Russian and Japanese literature.
October 9, 1884
Anita Diamant, 2010
Anita Diamant
Both through her writing and through her work as founding president of Mayyim Hayyim, Anita Diamant has breathed new life into Jewish midrash and rituals.
June 27, 1951
Newark, New Jersey
United States


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