Rivka Solomon

Despite Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Rivka Solomon has used her skills as a writer and activist to bring attention to women’s stories of courage. Passionate about diversity and other cultures, Solomon earned a masters degree in international affairs but had to abandon her career when she was diagnosed with CFS. Confined to her bed, she became a writer, using social criticism as her activist medium. She overheard someone remark at a party, “That takes ovaries” to describe another woman’s bravery and developed the idea for a book with that title to celebrate stories of courageous women. She was inundated with submissions, and managed to edit and publish the book despite her illness. She also developed open mike events based around the same principles as the book, organizing these events in the US and India to encourage women and girls to share their stories and become leaders and activists. She has also worked to raise awareness about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and to advocate for research and clinical trials for the disease.

Rivka Solomon was honored at the 2003 Women Who Dared event in Boston.

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I read an article on Marie Claire about your MCS. New science in the field of neuroplasticity shows it is a limbic system impairment. I recovered using this website: retrainingthebrain.com by Annie Hopper. I am not affiliated with them I just want others to learn how to recover. It works on many conditions including CFS. I hope you can fully recover and spread the word!

Writer and activist Rivka Solomon, 2002.

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