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Lonka Korzybrodska

Lonka Korzybrodska’s bravery, charm, and genius for languages meant that she could trick Germans and Poles into transporting all manner of goods for the Jewish resistance during the Holocaust. Korzybrodska followed her brother David into He-Haluz ha-Za’ir-Dror, a Zionist youth organization, where she served as a “liaison.” Under the pseudonym Kristina Koskowa, she used her Polish appearance and her ability to speak eight languages to cultivate contacts with soldiers, railway workers, and others who would unwittingly transport briefcases of information, money, identification papers, and supplies to aid He-Haluz ha-Za’ir-Dror and other Jewish organizations throughout occupied Poland. She was captured in June of 1942 and held at Pawiak Prison in Warsaw until November, when she was transported to Auschwitz-Birkenau. There, she managed to leverage her linguistic abilities into a position as interpreter at the camp office, but her time in the prison and concentration camp had already taken their toll on her health. She contracted typhus, mumps, and dysentery, finally perishing in March of 1943.

Topics: Holocaust

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(L to R) Tema Sznajderman, Bela Hazan, and Lonka Korzybrodska, members of the He-Halutz ha-Za’ir-Dror movement and of a group of young women known as the kashariyot, who smuggled documents, weapons, newspapers, money, medical supplies, news, forged identity cards, ammunition—and other Jews—into and out of the ghettos.
Courtesy of Yad Vashem, Jerusalem.
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