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Bela Ya’ari Hazan showed great courage as a combat instructor and courier for the Resistance during WWII. Hazan attended an ORT vocational school in Kowel, Ukraine, but her focus was on her participation in the He-Halutz ha-Za’ir-Dror youth movement, training to settle in Israel. In 1939, after a course led by the Haganah near Warsaw, Hazan became a combat instructor for He-Halutz, but after the invasion of Poland, she was captured by Russian soldiers while trying to cross the border. After three weeks, she was released, and continued her work. In 1941 she volunteered to serve as a courier and informant, disguising herself as a Pole to bring information and supplies from He-Halutz’s main center to its various chapters. She was captured in 1942 for gun smuggling, but refused to talk despite interrogation and torture. She was sent to Auschwitz and Birkenau, and survived imprisonment, typhus, and the 1945 death march when the Nazis tried to remove all evidence from the camp. After the war, she made Aliyah, where she married Hayyim Ya’ari, a journalist. She went on to write several accounts of her experiences in the 1970s.

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(L to R) Tema Sznajderman, Bela Hazan, and Lonka Korzybrodska, members of the He-Halutz ha-Za’ir-Dror movement and of a group of young women known as the kashariyot, who smuggled documents, weapons, newspapers, money, medical supplies, news, forged identity cards, ammunition—and other Jews—into and out of the ghettos.
Courtesy of Yad Vashem, Jerusalem.
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