Part 3

  • Explain. Have the students look at famous quotes, each one of which come from one of the books of Torah.
    • Ask them to take a look at these quotes from Torah, and find one that that interests them.  
    • Display Torah quotes, printed in 48-point type on paper, individually cut out
    • Discuss. Does the Torah quote make you think about how people act with each other? How? Do you feel that the quotes smash social prejudices or enforce them? Can you think of an image that would support each quote? Can you think of images that would undermine each quote?
  • Provide students with numerous magazines, textbooks, and posters. Their task is to combine them with the Torah quotes and find images that they want to match up with the text.
  • Discuss. How can you combine images and Torah text to make your own voice heard?
  • Discuss. Describe the emotions you see in the work. What language would you use to describe the qualities (i.e., tragic, ugly, funny)? What is the voice of the artist telling us?
  • Does the piece remind you of emotions you have experienced in your own life? Do you agree with the message?
  • How does the work relate to the Kruger pieces we have seen?
  • Have students place completed work where everyone can see it.

How does it make you feel about the quote? About the artist? About the Torah in general?

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