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Part 2

  • Have the class read Barbara Kruger’s biography
  • Project the images of Barbara Kruger’s art :
    • Discuss. How are these works of art similar to the advertisements we looked at previously? How are they different? How do these images make you feel? Do you like them? Is there a social message in each of these works? What is it? Are they persuasive? Where do they get their authority?
    • Explain: Barbara Kruger’s use of advertising techniques is part of a bigger criticism of society. She is asking us to question the assumptions that are unspoken in the messages we receive from public messages, both in advertising and other public spaces.
  • Have the class read the quotes from and about Kruger and her work

Discuss. Does Kruger’s work make you think about how people act with each other? How? Can a work of art be both funny and tragic? Do you feel that the works of art smash sexism and other social prejudices? Are they more or less effective than persuasive arguments?

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