Discussion Questions


by Jaclyn Friedman

  1. Friedman writes that we live in an era of “fauxpowerment,” where women, collectively, are encouraged to look externally for cues on how to behave sexually, rather than rely on our own instincts. What are some of your instincts when it comes to sex and how do those compare with the messages you receive about how you're expected to behave?
  2. Friedman argues that one of the biggest challenges young women face in developing a strong sense of their own sexuality is society’s attempts to protect and insulate them from sexual conversations. Are there any pieces of sexual or romantic advice you would give to your younger self? .
  3. Unscrewed traces the different ways women have navigated sexual politics throughout the twentieth century. Were there any activists or historical moments that particularly resonated with you?
  4. Unscrewed acknowledges the challenges that come from living in a system that doesn’t value women and punishes women for their sexual choices. Friedman talks about the times that even she and her pleasure activist friends accidentally become complicit in scrutinizing women’s bodies (clicking on leaked nude celebrity photos, etc.). After reading Unscrewed, have you realized any ways that you are complicit in this judgement? If so, what will you do differently moving forward?

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