Discussion Questions

Option B

by Sheryl Sandberg

  1. In the introduction, Sandberg and her co-writer emphasize that “there is no right or proper way to grieve or face challenges … There are no perfect answers.” Nevertheless, the book is all about ways to cope with loss or trauma, and find resilience. Discuss some of the book’s ingredients for resilience and recovery.
  2. At the heart of Option B is the highly personal story of Sandberg's loss of her husband, but she works to make it a wide-ranging, relatable account of trauma, loss, and recovery. Discuss whether you relate to her story and whether her prescriptions for dealing with challenge might work for you.
  3. Sandberg relates several occasions when she participated in Jewish ritual following her husband's death. How did those moments help her? How has Jewish ritual or practice factored into your own moments of challenge or loss?
  4. While most of the book relates individual experiences of loss, Sandberg writes that resilience ‘’’is not just built in individuals. It is built among individuals … When we build resilience together, we become stronger ourselves and form communities that can overcome obstacles and prevent adversity.” Have you ever experienced “collective resilience”?
  5. Sandberg talks about “The Non-Question-Asking Friend,"—the friend who is afraid to ask you questions or to address the elephant in the room. Have you had friends like that—or been one yourself?

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