Part 2

  • Before the lesson, instructor should place photographs from previous class around the room.
  • Ask students to stand by a photo that resonates most with them or a photo that inspires them.
    • Students who feel comfortable can share with the class why they chose to stand by a specific photo.
  • Discuss. Ask students to name some injustices that they wish to raise awareness about in order to inspire change in our communities.
  • Show the students two to four social justice advertisement campaigns. (see examples in the “Teacher Resources” section)
    • Discuss. What is the purpose of the advertisement campaign (what is the issue or cause)? What techniques are used to make the audience care about the issue?What are people doing about the issue? Does the video display next steps or follow-up for viewers?
  • Separate the students into groups of 3-4 and give them iPads
    • Students should work to create an advertisement campaign for a cause they care about.
    • In order to brainstorm ideas for their video, students can ask themselves:
      • What is the cause or issue on which our video focuses?
      • Why is this a problem in society?
      • Are people already working on this issue?
      • What are some ways people can act on this issue?


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