Modern Eshet Chayil

"A Woman of Valor" for Today

by Juliet I. Spitzer

Dedicated to Bracha Hollander Goldfein

A good woman, so hard to find

She is more precious than rubies Her circle cast with friendship deep, Full of love and graceful ease--

She is a woman of valor.

She opens her hands to the poor She does not fear the other, Extends her heart to those in need, Encourages her friends to succeed--

She is a woman of valor.

Credit is hers for the fruit of her labors Optimism is her might;

Surrenders to God, she does not despair Knows how to wrap you in her care--

She is a woman of valor.

Trust in her with your secret fears

Know that she'll hold you gently;

When she speaks wisdom's spread around Her depth of compassion, so profound--

She is a woman of valor.

She counts herself vital in the world And revels in its wonders

In others she sees the Divine

Holds on dearly to her lifeline

She is a woman of valor

Praise her, love her, hold her with your eyes

Be the safety that she needs to unlock all that she can be And let her goodness rise.

Eishet Chayyil: Today's Woman of Valor Shared by Kohenet Ahava Lilith EverShine

A woman of valor, who can find? Far beyond pearls is her worth.

Today's woman of valor, she and she alone, determines her own worth.

Her husband's heart trusts in her and he shall lack no fortune.

Today's woman of valor trusts in herSelf, and her fortune is found in the size of her heart and how she wishes to share it; whether or not she shares it with a partner, spouse or lover.

She repays his good, but never his harm, all the days of her life.

Today's woman of valor surrounds herSelf with things that are good for her and recognizes those that may do her harm. She focuses on how these things affect her before trying to change things outside of herSelf.

She seeks out wool and linen, and her hands work willingly.

Today's woman of valor gives herSelf the time and space for creative expression, whether she does so by expressing herSelf through her work or through extracurricular activities.

She is like a merchant's ships; from afar she brings her sustenance.

Today's woman of valor knows that she needs to sustain her spiritual being as well as her physical being, her intellectual self as well as her emotional self.

She rises while it is still nighttime, and gives food to her household and a ration to her maidens.

Today's woman of valor seeks a balance between work, rest and play; between the things she does and who she is.

She considers a field and buys it; from the fruit of her handiwork she plants a vineyard.

Today's woman of valor dares to plant her own dreams and tend the garden of her soul.

She girds her loins with might and strengthens her arms.

Today's woman of valor is comfortable with and confident in her sexuality and finds strength in her womanhood.

She senses that her venture is good, so her lamp is not extinguished at night.

Today's woman of valor seeks adventure in her life and can light her way down any path she chooses.

She puts her hand to the distaff, and her palms support the spindle.

Today's woman of valor seeks to do things, whether work or play, that fulfill her in all aspects of herSelf; the maiden, mother, and maven/the child, adult, and wise one within.

She spreads out her palm to the poor and extends her hands to the destitute.

Today's woman of valor is generous of heart and spirit. She shares every facet of her prosperity with others.

She fears not snow for her household, for her entire household is clothed with scarlet wool.

Today's woman of valor defines her own personal space and determines her own boundaries, honoring them as she chooses. She seeks to make her home a sanctuary; a place where she can be replenished and share time and space with those whom she loves.

Fine carpets she makes herself; linen and purple wool are her clothing.

Today's woman of valor crafts her life to meet her needs, as well as her desires in every possible way. The way she speaks and moves, dresses and carries herSelf expresses who she is and how she feels about herSelf.

Well-known at the gates is her husband as he sits with the elders of the land.

Today's woman of valor acknowledges and honors her experiences and the wisdom she has earned over time. She is not afraid of aging and knows that every wrinkle on her skin is a line in the story of her life. She trusts her instincts, does not judge and gives counsel when it is asked of her.

Garments she makes and sells, and she delivers a belt to the peddler.

Today's woman of valor carefully chooses the items she uses in her daily life and the nourishment she takes into the temple that is her body. She is ever mindful of the footprint shes leaves upon the Earth.

Strength and splendor are her clothing, and smilingly she awaits her last day.

Today's woman of valor strives to dwell in the here and now of life. She has learned from her past and looks forward to her future.

She opens her mouth with Wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.

Today's woman of valor is ever conscious of her thoughts and actions and the effect they have on herSelf, others, and the world. She considers the way her words taste on her tongue and how they may be digested by those to whom she speaks. She allows the light of her heart to guide her.

She anticipates the needs of her household, and the bread of idleness, she does not eat.

Today's woman of valor works to feed her own needs, as well as she feeds those of others. She knows that neglecting herSelf can lead to neglecting the other vital parts of her life.

Her children rise and celebrate her; and her husband, he praises her:

Today's woman of valor mothers what she wants to nurture in her life. She actively loves herSelf, the people with whom she surrounds herSelf, and the universe. She makes an effort, no matter how great or small, to improve whatever she may want to change about herSelf, her life, the world.

"Many daughters have attained valor, but you have surpassed them all."

Today's woman of valor strives to build a support system of other women in her life. Whether they be friends, sisters, adult daughters or co-workers, she reaches out to the other women in her life.

False is charm, and futile is beauty; a G-d-fearing woman, she should be praised.

Today's woman of valor is comfortable in her own skin. She possesses an inner beauty that radiates so strongly that it is the first thing one sees when they look at her. She is a living embodiment of the Divine Feminine and is aware of and celebrates the divinity within herSelf.

Give her the fruits of her labor, and she will be praised at the gates by her very own deeds.

Today's woman of valor acknowledges and enjoys the fruits of her labors. She feels proud of all that she does in the world, whether great or small; of those whom she loves in the world, one and all. This is how today's woman of valor lives her life. She is you and she is me. Kein y'hi ratzon! So may it be! 

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