Ideas to Jump-Start Your own Creative Interpretations

Ideas to Jump-Start Your own Creative Interpretations

  • Create an illustration, script, poem or short story about the moment when Sarah hears about Isaac’s binding. You can follow the midrashic tradition of Satan delivering the news, as the Girls in Trouble song does, or invent a totally different story.
  • Insert yourself into the picture: create a self-portrait as Sarah.
  • Write a modern parable for the Akeidah story. Who would Sarah be today? What would her life be like?
  • Imagine a scenario in which Abraham tells Sarah his plans before setting off for the mountain with Isaac. What is her response? Draw, write or dance the scene.
  • Through Abraham’s eyes:  imagine you are Abraham returning from the Akeidah to find Sarah has died. Create a painting or poem about your feelings in this moment.
  • Put Sarah in the picture, imagining her actually present at the Akeidah, as some of the artwork does. Draw or write about what Sarah does when she sees her son bound by her husband on the mountain. You can imagine her talking to God; intervening physically; or simply comforting her son.

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